Statement from Co-Presidents of Naughty Dog on Amy Hennig departure

Naughty Dog has released a statement following the allegations that two employers were involved in the departure of Amy Hennig from the company this week.

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Riderz13373793d ago

Glad to hear Bruce and Neil weren't part of it. To be honest I didn't think they were. They're just developers at the studio, they don't have the power to just kick someone out of the company...

Was a ridiculous rumor in the first place, all thanks to that IGNorant website.

Treezy5043793d ago

It's sad that Bruce and Neil got dragged into this, but Amy has a bright future and she is going to do great things. I'm glad this situation has been cleared up a bit.

Omran3793d ago

Typical IGN . . I don't trust them anymore

KendrickLamar3793d ago

It was IGN's fault.The guy who wrote the article on her departure was Mitch Dyer, an Xbox fanboy.

Here's the link for those who don't believe me:

WillGuitarGuy3793d ago

@Omran You just now stopped trusting them? Lol.

Nodoze3793d ago

IGN blows. They are irrelevant.

Reverent3793d ago

Oh, Ign. Why do I even bother with them these days...

Conzul3793d ago

I trust them as a source of reviews but as for news....eh....just another reboiler.

Eonjay3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I asked why the director of the Last of Us would even be involved in Uncharted 4. Amy already denied it on her Twitter feed but IGN presses on with their campaign to keep the Xbox legitimate through any means necessary. Think about what happened here, they spent yesterday parading this lady across there site saying "sources say she was pushed out by the creative director of The Last of Us". This made no sense at the time. and who were their sources.

lazyjatt3793d ago

The majority of their content has to do with movies and television. Seriously, when scrolling down the site, 3/4 of it is movies/television shows.

ShinMaster3792d ago

"Sources say" means nothing to me unless they clarify who exactly those sources are or if said information is clear.

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-Foxtrot3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Look I love ND but how do we really know....I mean really. Yeah we can speculate and discuss things but at the end of the day are they really going to admit if anything like that went down, it is probably un true but we can't just take their word for it when it could put there entire studio in a massive s*** storm

Why did Bruce and Neil not come out and say this themselves....they have twitter, why let the heads of ND do it in a sort of safe PR speech.

Just saying....look at all possibilities

I just can't believe...no I WON'T believe that Amy Hennig would leave Uncharted 4, her "baby" in ways, half way during the development process. I just can't imagine her doing it, if she was going to go she would of waited until the game was finished nearly or had went Gold.

Think about it....would you leave your project by your own free will.

Riderz13373793d ago

Why should they have to comment on rumour and speculation? It's unnecessary, as they would have JUST been giving even more attention to IGN.

But now it got out of hand, and people were actually believing the rumour they they had a part in her leaving, so the Co-Presidents of the company came out and said they weren't true.

It's simple, as I said they shouldn't have to comment on a dumb rumour started by IGN, who was probably just trying to get hits in the first place.

Also, who knows why she left? They don't have to tell us why, simple as that.

monkeyDzoro3793d ago

Yeah, why believing the words coming right from ND devs while AMy herself said nothing about that issue.
Let's just trust some random guy who has no clue on what's really happening at the studio. Especially if it fits your thoughts and expectations....

-Foxtrot3793d ago


Why? Because it's a hurtful accusation and they would of wanted to come out straight away to defend themselves.

I mean you answered your own question in your next paragraph

"But now it got out of hand, and people were actually believing the rumour they they had a part in her leaving"

Yeah if it was getting out of hand you would inform your fans straight away.

"Also, who knows why she left? They don't have to tell us why, simple as that"

Never said they did


"Yeah, why believing the words coming right from ND devs while AMy herself said nothing about that issue."

Urm because they could want to stop a s*** storm from happening. Ever think of that

I'm not claiming you have to believe me I'm just having an open mind on this and not believe everything people say.

SoapShoes3793d ago

You're trying to hard to figure something out you never will and settling on one theory without considering many others. Sorry, it's just not worth your time.

-Foxtrot3793d ago


"Sorry, it's just not worth your time."

It's a discussion site...if you think I'm wasting my time commenting then why are you here. You wasted your time calling me in your comment.

SoapShoes3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Well sure, it is, but that doesn't mean there is anything to discuss other than theories any of us made up.

You want my opinion? Maybe Bruce and Neil just haven't caught wind of it right away? Not everyone comes to N4G. Maybe the co-presidents told them not to respond when the rumor grew because they wanted to address it professionally? Maybe they didn't care because it simply was not true? There are a million different reasons for everything and not just one. That's my point, yet you clearly aren't considering anything else other than bad blood or forced resignation.

Sevir3793d ago

The fact that Amy her self came out and said the rumored reasons of her departure from ND were TOTALLY false is reason enough. Considering that she left, she'd have every right to blast the company if she was forced out of the company! She'd have a grounds for a lawsuit if she were unfairly fired... But nothing came from it but rumors because need broke! Her decision to leave came from a joint meeting between her, Cristophe and Evan!

The speculations are silly especially if she her self is refuting it when she has nothing to lose! Everyone in the industry wants her, she wrote uncharted, the franchine that redefined a genre and set the pace for the rest of the generation! She's a hot commodity and she'll be fine, the hurtful rumors and silly unethical slanderous attacks on Bruce and Neil are damaging ND's image. It needs to stop

Am_Ryder3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Mate... It's a business. It's an industry.

She won't see the games as her "baby". She'll see them as her work.

She's been at Naughty Dog for the best part of a decade. Imagine going to the same place; the same office, same people, same process- for almost ten years, working almost entirely on the same IP.

With someone as talented and with such success as her, it's no wonder that she'd take another job at some point. She probably loved what she did with Uncharted, but is also probably ready for new things!

I'm not saying that her leaving ND doesn't totally breaks my heart. I wish she stayed on board.

But saying there's any sort of dodgy politics or underhand behaviour behind her leaving is so immature. It's watercooler gossip. Propagated, as others said, by sites like IGN. Tabloids, basically.

This is a highly professional industry for the most part, and we're talking about the very tip of the pyramid. This sort of shit won't be involved.

Hennig worked elsewhere before (e.g. on the Legacy of Kain games), and she'll work elsewhere again.

Yahdaree3792d ago

It's called class, not everyone feels the need to respond to every stupid rumor on the internet.

I give them credit for NOT responding through their persinal twitter accounts and letting the company handle this with a professional PR statement.

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purpleblau3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

typical for news sites...they like to distort things. She probably left on her own.

sashimi3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

IGN aren't any better than a gossip rag.

Riderz13373793d ago

Honestly I think they said that on the article to get even more hits. I mean they are supposedly a trusted website, but they believed a rumor where a developer made the decision to essentially fire someone? What is this, amateur hour?


1nsomniac3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I must be missing something. I hadn't heard of Neil & Bruce being dragged into this at all & even still, this open letter doesn't clear up anything.

R3ddBuddah3793d ago

Clears up the fact that 2 developers had no part in someones departure. Also, if you did a bit more research on this event.. its been stated numerous times that Neil & Bruce apparently played a big part in Amy being "pushed out". Which thankfully wasn't true what so ever.

1nsomniac3793d ago

Like I said, I must of missed it as I hadn't heard that at all & again it hasn't cleared it up to me why she left or was pushed out.

Even if they had absolutely no part of it which from insights into the company I would happily believe they had nothing to do with it. But still this open letter only serves as damage control the same of which any company would do in an industry where customers are passionate about there products.

SoapShoes3793d ago

It cleared up that she left and wasn't forced out by anyone. No explanation needed, people don't have to go into detail why they do things to people on the internet. You're not her parent or close relative so I doubt she would want you all up in her personal business.