RPCS3 Is A New PS3 Emulator, Still In Early Stage, Boots Commercial Game

DSOGaming writes: "We know that a lot of you want to get your hands on a PS3 emulator. Well, that day may come sooner than expected, as a team of developers is currently working on a PS3 emulator that is able to boot a commercial game. In the realm of emulation land, this is huge. Yes, this is laggy and buggy but the fact that an emulator can boot a commercial PS3 game is HUGE."

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saber231713d ago

Now you only have to wait 5 more years for a stable version.

locomorales1713d ago

And probably 5 years is the life spam of PS3 from now. It'll be nice to have a good PS3 emulator when console die.

Ratty1713d ago

IMO five years is optimistic. I'd give them ten. By then we might have hardware that can run games at full speed.

Eidolon1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

5 more years and you could probably buy remastered PS3 titles on the PS4 for $5-20 each.(would be nice).

Magicite1713d ago

I doubt it will be so soon, look at PS2 emulator, they got first stable version 12-13 years after PS2 launch. PS3 is way much more complicated.

Applejack1713d ago

That probably runs like complete garbage. People need to stop being cheap and just buy the damn console; it's only like $200 or less if you buy it used.

Ratty1713d ago

I don't think that's the main motivation behind making emulators though you have a point about buying it being a much better option for the time being.

locomorales1713d ago

At this time, buying a cheap PS3 is the best solution.

But emulation is an important way to keep the game history alive. Without emulation most of old platforms would be dead today. Think about arcades, Atari Consoles or Neo Geo consoles.

Ratty1713d ago

Exactly. Also, as a programmer I find it to be one hell of a breakthrough in the field of emulation. A lot of people didn't think emulating PS2 was even possible and the PS3 is way more complex.

jtenma1713d ago


I dont think people realize how much of an achievement emulating the EE and GS in the PS2 was... not to mention (now) the RSX and cell...

ON WINDOWS! That is insane!!

wallis1713d ago

It's to do with the technical challenge more than anything else. No one seriously expects to be rocking the last of us or Uncharted 3 on their home PC anytime soon. But once all support for the system is dead, when no one stocks the games, we're all on the ps8, and everyone's calling Uncharted 3 a retro early millenial shooter it's pretty much only these guys who'll give a shit.

It takes a lot of work to lay down these sorts of achievements, and it means that in twenty years or more when one of us fancies a trip down nostalgia lane we'll be able to. All because these guys put in a LOT of work... work that you wouldn't be able to convince Sony to do if God himself gave you a signed note.

UltraNova1713d ago

True but it would be nice to have emulation if your console committed suicide on ya wouldn't it?

ps360s1713d ago

It's not bout being cheap...

I have a ps4 and would love to play some ps3 games which I missed out on but do not want 3-4 console systems to be under my desk!

anyway by the time this get to "stable" condition...we already have PSnow up and running

LAWSON721713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Most want it to play higher res PS3 games not to finally play PS3 games. A big feature of last gen systems was online MP something these emulators wont have. Alot of games will not be experienced the same do to no online. For example Halo has loads of online focused features, however on an emulator all you got is forge, custom games,and campaign alone unless LAN is possible. Many of us juzt want to play MGS4, Uncharted, TLOU, Valkyria Chronicles, and many many more.

LKHGFDSA1713d ago

What makes you think they won't have online?
If anything, they could prolong the ability to play online.
Have you not seen older console emulators used online?

LAWSON721712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I have used DS, Wii, PS2, PSP emulator none of them have online. At least to my knowledge

Tapani1713d ago

I'm not convinced you understand how many of us emulator users behave. All the games I emulate, I own. I see it is my right to do what I want with my own software, be it for PSX, PS3, Xbox or Wii etc.

Many of us simply like running games on a higher resolution and have everything in one folder for faster access on PC. AA and AF are nice effects and breathe new life into old games. Also, digital data doesn't age if used, unlike those cartridges, cds, cases we handle nowadays.

I'm all for legitimate emulation. I think it's a great hobby and at best a brilliant way to re-experience your classic games in a fresh and smooth way.

Don't forget, many of these coders do these for uni projects (thus learn a lot) and some may even end up working for the very same (dream) companies whose products they are trying to emulate in the first place.

Applejack1713d ago

And I completely understand that; I think it's awesome that you actually own all the games that you emulate. I was really referring to people who would rather not support the platform that the like and just get free games here and there like it's no big deal.

LKHGFDSA1713d ago

many people already pirate these games on original hardware anyway. it won't be too long before these games will cease production and piracy will be the only practical way to obtain them. (some games are already only obtainable via these means.)

Baka-akaB1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I doubt most people interest by emulation , werent at some point and still arent , owner of concerned games .

And quite frankly , while companies may try to enforce that , regular folksa nd gamers shouldnt expect everyone to feel like buying again a game they already purchased , because of a platform switch .

It's one thing to propose enhanced versions with new bell and whistle , possibly even wholly remade , it's another to expect everything to meekly curn out 5-9 bucks on virtual console , as an example , or with untouched ps2 games .

Hell i'm not ashamed to say that quite quickly i got rid of the Wii , and kept only a set of controllers and originals along like Xenoblade , precisely aware that i would play them on emu instead .

So of course i got my ps3 , and will enjoy it for a while , but soon enough , when it's stable , i'll enjoy the heck out of any ps3 emu . I'll even try PS now in the meantime , if i feel it's done well and fairly .

webeblazing1712d ago

lol you cant even buy some of the games that people mostly use emulators for. so i dont get what you mean about support the platform.

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LKHGFDSA1713d ago

it's not about piracy. you'd know that if you were aware of the ridiculous hours spent on creating this emulator. it's much more than the worth of a console.
there are many advantages to emulation.

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muttsurini1713d ago

Wonder if what's the recommended specs for it to run stable.

RevXM1713d ago

DDR16 memory 80TB or greater, 15 petaflops cpu and the graphics computation power of 3 millenium falcons in crossfire. will give you 20-40 fps stable at 480p.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1713d ago

You'll need a fairly beefy PC for this. You can't mimic these systems very well, this won't be stable for quite a few years.

LKHGFDSA1713d ago

I thought the title ment a disc game.

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