Abyss Odyssey, 2D Action platformer with Complex Fighting Mechanics

Abyss Odyssey is a great looking new multiplayer 2D side scrolling action-platformer (whew!) with impressive fighting mechanics, roguelike elements, and randomly generated environments.

The enemy characters all feature complex AI and a fully featured move-set equivalent to your own; meaning that the enemies are akin to a roster of fighters in a fighting game, requiring different tactics and skills to be vanquished. Once defeated, the player can capture the souls of their enemies, then use them as playable characters, each with their own abilities, combos, and special powers.

With it’s mixture of side scrolling platforming, plus action and fighter mechanics, this could have everything Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero so badly failed to deliver, and more. Stay tuned for details about release date and platform availability.

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Tdmd1783d ago

This looks great! If it has co-op, is a must buy for me - my gf just love anything side scrolling (she's currently in a love affair with Dragon's Crown). And I, obviously, love playing with her. :D

3-4-51783d ago

OMG This game looks awesome.

I've always wanted a Double Dragon or Streets of Rage type of game mixed with Street Fighter 2, and this is about as close as it gets.

Even if it ends up being just "ok", it's ideas like this that excite me about games.

These guys are actually trying to do something different, not just saying they are.

I wish them the best of luck. It's a cool concept.