In Game XMB vid?

This video shows what might be In Game XMB.


Its a fake guys, go spam his video with negative comments!

New Edit: The guy gives an explanation on his description so, please cease all attacks towards his persona.

poopsack5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

Cant wait for summer when it comes out.

Creepa at GameManx5609d ago

I bet this is released the same day MGS4 comes out or earlier

-bubble your boy up if you agree no homo...lol

sonarus5609d ago

That isn't impossible to fake. That could be a recorded gameplay clip stored as a video file on the ps3.

I like to keep an open mind but in game xmb has let me down too many times

Maddens Raiders5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

but in-game XMB has already been available on some games guys. One of the first to use it was Mainichi Issho from the Japanese store like a 100 years ago.

edit: / I'm not even saying that this is legit -- just be patient, when it comes I guarantee that people will find something else to complain about. SNE will release it when it's fully proper.

lol - a phantom disagreer just blew through town right after my edit... 8D (I wonder if they could use that term on the Weather Channel? ex...A phantom disagreer will blow across the area later today bringing showers while the sun is out and turning night into day..)

gaffyh5609d ago

Could be real OR he could have taken a screenshot of GTA4 Start Menu and put it as his background on his PS3 XMB, if you look you'll realise that there are no wavy lines on the XMB. Then he played a GTA4 video and pressed the PS button.

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RevNick865609d ago

And Joe Doe from Missouri has this in his possession how? And why is it left aligned and blurry? You're telling me this guy has access to advance testing or in-game XMB but couldn't grab himself a sony handycam?

poopsack5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

My thoughts exactly, and you'd think he would have a bigger tv also. Just to clarify our names coincidental, you'd be surprised at how many Knaves there are on the internet. Im not KnaveX on youtube either, so dont go looking up that guys videos thinking its me. He has weird videos.

PS. Maybe hes not even supposed to be there, that would explain alot.

xhi45609d ago

its fake.........damnit.

ah well heres hopin!

pwnsause5609d ago

WTF? why is the movie icon there? whats the point of that? i dont believe it until i see it