Slings and arrows, or: Why I’m engaging with a troll

We say to “Don’t engage,” because engaging leads to loss of control. Responding is giving bullies what they want, which is usually to humiliate you. But if the goal of not engaging is to retain some measure of control over when and how we respond to aggravation, then never responding at all — to anything — is just another form of ceding control. It’s allowing terrible things to go unchallenged. It’s replacing anger with complacence. Either way, the bullies win.

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5eriously3784d ago

Hey look who submitted this "opinion piece! Then looky here at the comment history


Two bubbles and all!

Canary3784d ago

...You do realize that bubbles have no merit on user quality, as they're often only increased because of idiotic "funny" posts, and decreased because of petulant fanboys?

Also: Pot. Kettle. Black.

KingDadXVI3784d ago

Thanks, I just thought the article was interesting. I could honestly care less about my bubble level.

KingDadXVI3784d ago

@5eriously seeing how you linked my comment history why don't you actually read each one? Yes, there are a few that are trollish for sure but most are not. They are either technical in nature or try to be thoughtful on the subject at hand. That does not mean you have to agree with my thoughts or logic. The trollish ones are if you decide to actually look into them usually sharp replies intended not to troll but throw a trolls shit back in their face.

Either way I refuse to change my self and suck popular opinions dick to get bubbles. Unlike you I try to put thought into my comments, not links to someone's comment history:)

Canary3784d ago

It's always been my opinion that if someone does or says something stupid, you should tell them.

Either they'll learn that they're being an idiots, or they won't--two potential outcomes, one positive, one neutral. Therefore the ethical thing is to call out dumb****s each time you see 'em.

Tempest3173784d ago

I dont honestly equqte trolls to bullies, not even close to the same thing in my eyes. Bullies main intent is to cause harm (physical or mental) a trolls intent is just to ruin the discussion.

donwel3784d ago

So instead of attempting to address the glaring problems with games "journalism" and polygon in particular, Russ decides to throw a shit fit and attack the writer of the original article by using feminist (obviously) shaming tactics.
The fact that someone has seen the need to write an article that outlines the many, MANY shortcomings of games "journalism" seems to have completely gone over Russ's head.
Put simply, when hipster feminists lose interest in gaming (and they will) sites like polygon, kotaku, gamespot, rps, etc. who have spent the last few years dragging gaming and its established community through the shit and rely on click-bait articles for their income, will die. Either that or, amusingly, they will try to pander to actual gamers again and get told to piss right off and these reactionary social justice bloggers masquerading as gamers will thankfully be out of work.


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