Sony interview reveals PlayStation 3 details

A recent interview with Izumi Kawanishi, head of the Software Platform division of SCEI, shed some new details on the PlayStation 3:

- Using XMB and web browsing won't need the fan. Playing Blu-ray will spin the fan, but the load is still low. The fan spins steadily while gaming.

- The picture/audio quality for video playback is excellent. Though Cell does not presently do much post processing, they are researching it.

- High Definition videos are converted to LPCM and outputted via HDMI.

- No DVD upscaling for the time being. But they are looking at user needs and have a plan for the support.

- The Blu-ray player's response is fast. The interviewer says he believes that the PlayStation 3 is the fastest among Toshiba, Sony, Matsushita HD players/recorders he tested.

- By pressing the triangle button the XMB shows the folder tree structure just like windows explorer.

- It can connect with USB mass-storage devices such as PSP, but not with ones with special transfer methods such as iPod and Walkman. They are currently working on Walkman support.

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UrbanJabroni4453d ago

Those two guys who bought digital walkmans instead of ipods are going to be stoked!

Balance4453d ago

no they won't. digital walkman is a POS!!! i don't like ipods but i wish i had one instead of the stupid walkman.

Theonetheonly4453d ago

The "New" clock-speed for the RSX isn't going to be revealed until hundreds of thousands of ps3s have sold

given the fact that Sony has a history of overestimating or straight out lying about their hardware, ill "estimate" this to be a lie of omission.

most likely they did this because the average consumer would look at the 360 and see 500mhz and look at the ps3 see 500mhz (rumored to be the downgraded clockspeed) and buy the cheaper one or think they were some how equal so sony has for some odd reason secided not to reveal the clock speed of the rsx which has been know to be 550 mhz for almost a year now.

but that's just a theory

BIadestarX4453d ago

Little by little we getting all the details about the PS3. Is the GPU specs out yet? Anybody knows?

Bill Nye4453d ago

"- The EE+GS embedded in the PS3 does emulation for PS1/PS2 for initial shipments PS3, so no graphics upgrade for the time being. The software emulation technology is almost complete but not ready for the launch. As soon as it is ready, the EE+GS unit will be removed."

Interesting... so I assume the emulation will come in a firmware update, and I wonder if that will disable the EE+GS.

soccerstar4453d ago

how much system ram does the 360 use i forgot because in this article they says[64MB memory is always reserved for XMB functions (I.E. instant messaging, voice chat, etc.)]? i just want 2 see the difference

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