Dark Souls II Survival Guide

Dark Souls II continues a long tradition of games that will challenge even the most veteran of gamers. You’ll explore, experiment, and die many times throughout your quest. While it would be against From Software’s design philosophy to give you a detailed map of the world and a full explanation of the game’s story, we did want to give you a few pointers before you go beyond death come March 11th on PS3.

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Hugodastrevas3788d ago

Has anyone else preordered the Dark Souls 2 guide by future press like me or is everyone going for a fresh/blind start? I'm going for the platinum from the start this time (even though the Dark Souls guide had a few mistakes...)

Roccetarius3788d ago

Nah, i'll just wait for people to update the wiki instead. :)

Summons753788d ago

I'm going for a blind start. Really helps get that Souls series feeling. After like 15/20 though I start wondering about weapon upgrades and the possibilities. So I'd get it for that but never ever boss starts or quest help.

Hugodastrevas3788d ago

I didn't get it for strategies or how to cross a level, i got it because it looks like an encyclopaedia of Dark Souls and describes stats, status weapons etc. Maybe even covenants alignments and perks. Stuff like that.

sdozzo3788d ago

Blind. It's more fun to uncover stuff in this series.

Kinger89383788d ago

Ive ordered the guide for second playthrough and the last one was a nice thing to have! High quality and full of lore info :)

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Paul853788d ago

Yeah I preordered one just to have it as an collectors item but at the same time I don't want to spoil anything or miss an item lol. I also ordered the dark souls design works.

Hugodastrevas3788d ago

I know right, are you an avid Dark Souls collector?
My most precious Dark Souls artifact : http://i.ytimg.com/vi/GxhEH...

Paul853788d ago

Yeah I am I also have the the dark souls hardcover collectors guide future press makes good guides a few mistakes but nice item.

Brazz3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

10 Tips for surviving for your 1º time in "souls games":

1. Use a damn metal shield whit good stability. The shield is the best friend of all beginners

2. Upgrade your equips > level up soul level. +1 bonus in a weapon is much better (and less expensive) than 1 soul level. For your damage, 1 realy think upgrading normal/elemental weapons is the best option.

3. focus in surviving, Endurance/vitality or any stats that can give you a better hp/Stamina/Poise/armor. in the beginning of the game, use only the minimum stats required to use you favority weapon.

4. Balance your gear. you don't want to be too heavy, you will need to roll. ( unless there is some bullshit like "early days Iron flesh" )

5. Timing and observation are everything! timed rolls, parry, walking, runing, backstab, block, casting...
More than this! observe you enemie, study his moves and fight in 2 times:

1) time for defence and observation.

2) time for punishment, make as much damage as possible.

work whit your timing and obsrvation. you can win any battle whit this.

6. Use some spells! Spell are very usefull in all soul games, they can turn things "too easy" for veterans, but they are "gold" for begginers that think that the game is too hard.

7. Before leveling your "soul level" try to think in a build for your character. Go for the internet, read some builds! Go for internet and see some good builds is very good for begginers, just don't "destroy the game" in "tutorial videos" and "how to win the game"... for real,tutorial videos realy make things too easy and make things less fun in dark souls...

8. chose your weapon wisely, damage isn't evrything in dark souls. You need to see the weapon speed, move set and requiriments before chosing it. go for the internet, see what people talk about this weapon if you are a begginer and want a easy time...
Or go and discover for yourself if you are a "mudafukarveteran in souls games" =D

9. stay calm, fear is a great enemy in Souls game! almost all enemies are dangerous and intimidating, and if you can't 1-2 shot then they can make things hard.
Keep your timing and be patient, there is a time to defend against you opponet and there is a time to punish it.

10. Have fun! hell this is a game!

Inception3788d ago

My personal tips to survive in Demon/Dark Souls:

- Walk slowly and observe your surroundings / enemies when you enter every area. Don't forget to always raise your shield too, because you don't know when the enemies attack or you accidentally trigger a trap.

- And the last is: know your limit. If you think you can beat the enemies with your current weapons/stats than beat it. But if you think you can't than retreat. There's no shame to retreat / died in Demon/Dark Soul series. It's part of the fun and every time you did it than you can became stronger by learning from your mistakes / weakness.

Oh and one more thing: don't forget to take a short break from the game. I always did this when i've got stuck / frustrated in Demon/Dark Souls, well not just Demon/Dark Souls though. After some hours, i get back to the game and i can pass my problems :)


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anast144d ago

The game isn't good though.

Rols144d ago

DS2 was fine. While there was a bit of recycling assets or ideas for bosses, it was a bigger more open Dark Souls. The Fume knight boss is one of the hardest bosses in the series until Sekiro and Elden Ring were released.

CrimsonWing69144d ago

The problem with Dark Souls 2 was the same problem when a different director takes over for a sequel to an outstanding movie. It typically (there are exceptions) doesn’t have the feel and vision of the previous movie.

I wouldn’t say Dark Souls 2 is terrible. Had Dark Souls 1 never been a thing and we got this, I think it would have been praised more. The problem is it didn’t have the Miyazaki touch to it and felt pretty derivative. The soundtrack is a banger though.

Aussiesummer144d ago

And it will happen in the future when he doesn’t touch them as he is planning on.

MrBaskerville144d ago

I like DS 2, might even be my favorite of the 3. But it's a hard sell, there's so many obscure things you need to do to make it an enjoyable experience. So always find it hard to recommend, but it is worth the trouble.


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TheGamer writes, "Some weapons resist the test of time."

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Father__Merrin148d ago

bastard sword and claymore do the job when grinded up


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phoenixwing231d ago

I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha231d ago

I used the Jungle Beat Bongos from my Gamecube

The_Hooligan231d ago

I just made my character look like Chuck Norris.

qalpha231d ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls