Microsoft to detail DirectX 12 at GDC

The next major version of Microsoft's DirectX API will be unveiled at GDC 2014 on March 20, according to the company's DirectX developer's site.

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B-radical2763d ago

Need dat Maxwell gpu already!

Alan_Shore2763d ago

Gtx 860 sounds good right about now :)

Dudebro902763d ago

Sweet. Wonder how it will perform.

Nero13142763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

What is Direct x12 for ?

dazzrazz2763d ago ShowReplies(1)
BABYLEG2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Haters gon hate, but once that XO 'powah' gets tapped... Good things happen.

devs haven't even tapped kinects power. The good shit is about to begin. Its a great time to be a gamer.

Glad I'm gaming on the Xbox one. Where everything is convenient

@gentlemen. People like him never get banned

let me elaborate. I'm not a sucker for games and games alone. I enjoy games, but if technology exist to make said game much better beyond imagination.. Then that's the side I'm on. I'm sure every Xbox one owner loves how can start an online match, go do something else and have the game keep notifying you when matches are available. How Kinect works fluid as ever if you're in the right environment and operate like a normal person. IQ about 10 here people.

Kinect, in my mind, hasn't even been used as part of gaming yet. The games for Kinect in the past are nothing more than tech demos for this Kinect. If I was running Microsoft, would I talk about the games coming for Xbox and Kinect.. No. I'll simply sit back and launch Fortaleza in 2014 to work with Kinect. And bring 3D and motion in the living room within a 1 year span with the big guns yet to release.

I'm someone who tend to believe the obvious. A Microsoft leak came out last year detailing Microsofts plans through 2015. So far, they're panning out as planned. I believe sunset overdrive utilize this technology and the game will be played on, and around the tv. Is it farfetched?

I'm a sucker for these things and Microsoft is the only company presenting everything and making it work smooth. Anyone else excited?

Alan_Shore2763d ago

TBH directx 12 for xbox one could mean big things if they truly are able to replicate mantle.

hello122763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I'm trying to get a explantation for this currently.

Microsoft is hiding something from the public. The x box 1 photo shows a second layer the PS4 doesn't have.

This may turn out to be evidence the x box 1 is actually far more powerful than the PS4.

Why Microsoft has not revealed it not sure yet?

The x box 1 is stacked with two dies , thats what is looks like currently.

"A12 40" and "A12 41" on x box 1

A12 41 on PS4 its missing the A12 40

LeCreuset2763d ago


I can't, in good conscience, watch you waltz into the slaughter. Edit that comment before the onslaught of ridicule comes.

Software_Lover2763d ago


Just, please.............. don't talk about power. The PS4 is more powerful, just leave it at that. Stop hoping for "extra power" that doesn't exist.

The XBone is good without the "hidden power".

ProjectVulcan2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I never understand why people think this applies that much to consoles. Nor why anyone mentions Mantle in the same breath as consoles.

Mantle exists to try and improve the performance of PC games by reducing the CPU overhead of the API. Allowing lower level access to PC hardware, reducing driver overheads.

Consoles don't have the same large API/Driver overheads like PC does. Consoles already allow very low level close to metal coding. Mantle means nothing for consoles that already achieve what Mantle's primary aim is by their very nature.

Xbox One uses a superset of DirectX 11.2 as it's API.

DirectX 12's aim for PC is to imitate what APIs like Mantle on PC are trying to accomplish, low level access to PC hardware. Much better performance for PC where the API has always stood in the way of higher efficiency.

For consoles, it doesn't really apply or mean anything. Especially if the API calls for specific hardware implementation, DirectX12 graphics cards for example, then it is unlikely either PS4 or Xbox One would have that hardware because they were designed essentially more than a year ago.

Could Xbox 360 utilise all the features DirectX 10 introduced? No, because although some features were integrated into the machine, it never had all the hardware that met full DX10 spec. The specs can change quickly before being finalised.

All DirectX12 means is that future PC games utilising it will be able to run even faster and exploit more performance of the hardware than they would on current more 'bloated' APIs.

Developers on Windows are going to have an unprecedented level of hardware control, much closer to the idealised console environment than they have ever had before.

Anonagrog2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

This has nothing to do with the consoles - the Xbox One has it's own api targetted at the fixed hardware in the system.

Also, well said @vulcanproject .

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GentlemenRUs2763d ago

Urgh... A new DirectX which will make every single GPU out today worthless -_-

Your asking for a ban, I swear...

ProjectVulcan2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Eventually in NEW games, yes. But not for quite a while.

Direct X 11 is now four and a half years old in hardware terms (Radeon 5870 launched September, 2009) and even now only a very small number of games actually require it.

By the time something like Direct X 12 is certified, the hardware is out, and games arrive that will only work with DX12 hardware it'll hardly matter like it does now with DX11 only games. That situation is years and years away.

Volkama2763d ago

Which is fortunate, because I'd probably get a right funny look from the mrs if I replaced my £700 worth of graphics cards 3 months after buying them :)

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