Xbox 360 version of Titanfall lagging behind due to day one patch

Planned updates to the Xbox One version of Titanfall are directly affecting the release of its Xbox 360 port, Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella confirmed to GameSpot.

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ErcsYou1740d ago

Is that what EA told him to say?.. lol

kingdip901740d ago

Gotta move those xbox ones..

n4rc1740d ago

Lol.. Conspiracy theories are always a laugh..

Baccra171740d ago

When Ps3 was released and had practically nothing worth getting, Sony noticed a problem. Instead of wasting money on "next gen" crap, they were buying, instead, PS2 games because the system was backwards compatible. The problem was so bad that Sony took away backwards compatability from future PS3's claiming it was to cut cost, when in reality they did it so that people would have no choice other than to buy PS3 games instead of the cheaper, and better, PS2 games.

I wish to this day I saved the interview where Jack Tretton pretty much admitted this was the cause. The point is, Xbone isn't doing well at all and if this is what it takes to sell the Xbone and make it so people avoid the 360 version then they'll do it. Calling it a "conspiracy theory" like it's some bad label is foolish.

Eonjay1740d ago

Developers have way more experience with last gen consoles and therefore the development cycles are bound to be shorter right now. We are intelligent enough to figure out what their angle is and that actually okay.

TomShoe1740d ago


To be fair, the BC PS3s had the PS2s Emotion Engine guts stuffed inside them, and that made them very expensive to produce.

n4rc1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

How so?

Respawn is making a PC and Xbox one game.. Bluepoint then ports all their work to 360..

This argument would be valid if respawn was doing the work, but they arent..

I say its a conspiracy theory because..well.. It is plain and simple.. Choosing to assume everyone lies 100% of the time and there is always some evil plot afoot..

Gee.. Doesn't the insanely simple and obvious answer that they gave make sense to you?

People are always trying to read between the lines when there is nothing there.. And they never learn from being proven wrong, just move on to the next ridiculous claim..

If this was truly their plan, it wouldn't release in the same fkn month Lol.. It would come out down the road..

Their reason makes complete sense.. While the ones floating around here dont

curtis921740d ago

@n4rc do you not at least agree that it benefits XB1 sales JUST A BIT by not having the 360 release at the same time?

You don't think that'd be a convenient thing for MS to push XB1 sales?

Whether or not it's true, you at least have to admit it will help XB1 by NOT having 360 TF same day.

Boody-Bandit1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

FYI - Reality is spelled R-E-A-L-I-T-Y and not CONSPIRACY. And there is nothing funny about the cheap tactics MS sinks to trying to entice sales for their "current" bread and butter.

Seriously. It's not like TitanFall is a graphical intesne juggernaut as to why there is such a delay. It's definitely a fun game but mediocre graphically.

This is just another in a long line of stunts MS pulls to attract attention to their latest and greatest. Anything to boost sales.

n4rc1740d ago

Well sure.. It could help.. Assuming people would drop 500 on something they didn't want previously just to not wait 2 weeks for a single game..

If their goal was to boost x1 sales, a 2 week delay isn't doing much IMO.. That's why it doesn't make sense to me..

Its more likely that the lead platform is finished first and they aren't waiting for the 360 port to release the game..

Boody-Bandit1739d ago

"If their goal was to boost x1 sales, a 2 week delay isn't doing much IMO.."

Than why does MS spend tens of million is not hundreds of millions of dollars on exclusive DLC to have it 4 weeks before the competitor?

Oh and next time you get your panties in a bunch and PM someone that obviously struck a nerve with you? Come up with a better retort than this:

"You mean like flat out lying about your games resolution? Oh wait.. That was Sony

Gimme a break man"

Like I said to you in reply this was the lamest PM I've ever received from a member of this site. Do you make it a habit of sending every person a PM that doesn't agree with you? If so how do you find the time to sleep?

MS has been making moves like this since they entered this industry. This delay is deliberate. Anything to entice sales.

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ZombieKiller1740d ago

When is this coming out on 360 anyway?

FITgamer1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I thought they said March 25th, but i saw video on IGN earlier that said March 28th.

ZombieKiller1740d ago

I would take the blue pill because I wouldn't want the RROD.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1740d ago

Its so they can sell more xbones. I bet the XB1/360 versions both look the same and play the same.

ZombieKiller1740d ago

I agree. I bet a slight drop in framerate for the 360

barb_wire1740d ago

That's the consensus over on GAF too.. March 25th is the supposed release date of 'Titanfall' 360.. yet here we are, less than 2 weeks away from (supposed) release and we've still seen zero images, zero gameplay videos, nothing, absolutely nothing.

It's almost like the game doesn't even exist.

.. EA aren't marketing it, MS certainly isn't. It's all XB1 - the ad I've seen on TV (FXX has shown it 3 times in the last 90mins) is just for the XB1, no mention of the PC or 360.

kingPoS1740d ago

I noticed that too. For the longest while I thought it wasn't coming to 360.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Kiwi661740d ago

of course they'll play the same, the main difference is one will look slighty better than the other

RollinThunder1740d ago

Hopefully im just misinterpreting that they were rushed. :-\

Applejack1740d ago

I'm sure it's only to sell more copies of Titanfall on the Xbox One. That would definitely work but with a very limited gap of just 2 weeks, you can't really expect much.

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