Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Developer Wins an Oscar

Greg Louden from Remedy was part of the Oscar winning team for Gravity.

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GarrusVakarian1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

NICE! I had no idea he worked on that movie, there were some great visuals in Gravity.... i guess now we know one of the reasons why QB looks as good as it does.

Congrats on the Oscar, that is quite an achievement.

.....Man, gaming has come a long way. Oscar winners designing our videogames......

Septic1741d ago

Yeah man, very impressive. I didn't even know either. This just increased my anticipation for Quantum Break even more!

Can't wait! I reckon this will be the best Remedy game yet!

Alan_Shore1741d ago

Im so keen on it! I hope they show more footage at e3!

And to have an oscar winner working on a game really makes me have more faith in how good this game is gonna be even though I think remedy is doing a great job already!

Mikefizzled1741d ago

Phil said some games could be needing around 10 minutes air time. Hopefully this is one of them.

Volkama1740d ago

I wonder if they will reference it on the Quantum Break box anywhere. Maybe formally make the chap a producer at Remedy, just for the sake of a nice "From Oscar winning Producer Greg Louden!" banner on the game.

kickerz1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Can't wait for this game.. Always have enjoyed Remedy games

ThanatosDMC1741d ago

I gotta see that movie. I'll wait for it on Vudu.

Hellsvacancy1740d ago

It's overrated, the special fx are fantastic

PSVita1741d ago

Ok let's just clarify that the visual effects TEAM won the oscar not just this guy.

LexHazard791741d ago

Stop hating....or do I have to call upon some dude that eats Doritos and drinks Mountain Dew!

JokesOnYou1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Hater Alert....gee thanks Captain Obvious cause we couldn't read whats printed right under the headline. Whats the matter another piece of positive xbox news upset your stomach?....go play with your vita you’ll feel better. lol

Bathyj1741d ago

What with games becoming more like movies and the technology behind movies being used more in games, I suspect theres a lot of overlap with employment opportunities in both fields. Its good the talent gets spread around abit.

Good work Greg, glad Gravitiy did so well, I really loved the opening scene shot like it was one take, I'm a big fan of that, like Scorsese does all the time.

Nocando1741d ago

Children of Men was largely shot in the same fashion, all in one take.

UnholyLight1740d ago

The fact that you can even be downvoted for what you've said Lukas_Japonicus


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-Foxtrot1741d ago

Well technically he was part of a team who won the Oscar for best visuals

"he was a part of the visual effects team that worked on"

The title makes it seem it was him and him alone.

Good news I suppose but things like that are always a team effort not just one guy.

-Foxtrot1741d ago

Really you think it's fine to shun the other hard working members of that team. He couldn't of done it without them and they couldn't of done it without him. It was a team effort


admiralvic1741d ago

"so you think it's fine to shun the other hard working members of that team"

Wow, someone is reading way too much into this.

The article is about how someone who won an oscar is working on Quantum Break, not how this guy single handedly won or anything of the sort. Even then, it's only the title that overlooks those people and it says, even on the N4G excerpt, that he was part of a team.

mediate-this1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )


Im sure you're getting disagrees because you sound like a hater. You sound real jelly, better stop it or ill be forced to send you to jelly school!!!!

ArmrdChaos1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I am sure the article focuses on him because he is likely the only person on that staff related directly to the video game industry and seeing how this is a video gaming website...go figure.

I am sure the biggest hang up for most about the title is... "Xbox One Exclusive" and feel a uncontrollable need to find some way to ding the story.

CYCLEGAMER1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

LMAO....Look at the Sony fanboys coming in to drop salt on this so funny to watch you guys work!

Funky Town_TX1741d ago

Is it impossible for X1 to have + news on N4G.

LexHazard791741d ago

Im assuming people have already come to that conclusion on their own having read article. Good of you to point out the obvious tho...Thanks PStrol...i mean Foxtrot.

notyobizhwispndmymny1741d ago

Replies his comment first to complain about the disagrees and has more disagrees. C'mon people! Give this man a break. He has eight bubbles and we don't want him replying first to all his comments.

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admiralvic1741d ago

I suppose, though that would just make a needlessly wordy title.

"Quantum Break Developer Was Part of a Team that Won an Oscar"

Even then, you can use some very basic common sense and figure out he won it as a team. I mean, is anyone out there thinking Matthew McConaughey is working as a game developer on the side? Of course not and if you do, well then, you got bigger problems than figuring out the title.

I mean, the only awards that make sense are technical awards, which are typically teams instead of a singular person.

Septic1741d ago

"Good news I suppose but things like that are always a team effort not just one guy."

You didn't even have to click the article. Look at the excerpt at the top:

"Greg Louden from Remedy was part of the Oscar winning TEAM for gravity"

n4rc1741d ago

Just what I was thinking.. Its right in the subtitle.. Lol

XboxFun1741d ago

Hey Fox try actually reading the story past the headline and then try posting something positive, then you wouldnt have to be so worried about disagrees.

Someone could cure cancer with the power of rainbows and you would find something to complain about.

MorePowerOfGreen1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )


Yes that is a cutscene made with Kinect in Project spark.

Imalwaysright1741d ago

The dude is a negative nancy. No matter what the article is about, he has the ability to cry or whine about something.

OT Remedy has always been one of my favorite dev teams so it doesn't surprise me that they have talented people working there. Can't wait for QB.

thereapersson1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Major lol at the link, Green. I keep telling people Spark is what should really reflect what we can do this gen on a user level. It's an awesome bit of software.

PSVita1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I don't know how people can disagree with you.

There's nothing wrong with the article but people are getting carried away with the importance and relevance that it has to a the game. I work I'm the film industry and actually understand how SFX teams work.

Let's be honest everyone read the title and thought this one guy own an oscar for Gravity(which isn't even possible).

coolbeans1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"Let's be honest everyone read the title and thought this one guy own an oscar for Gravity(which isn't even possible)."

I'm confident the actual truth is everyone, or practically everyone, already understood it wasn't possible for just this guy to win an Oscar in Visual Effects. Even anyone who just knows the bare-bones behind-the-scenes details for what goes into any movie (thousands upon thousands of man hours with a plethora of different teams) of this caliber would instantly understand the title's intention.

Given that the description below, which can be viewed right below the title on the front page, specifically states what's already obvious...this is a non-issue, and certainly not a case of "shunning" everyone else's hard work poured into the Visual Effects for Gravity.

LexHazard791741d ago

Speak for yourself. And why mention that you work in movie Industry, like we give a [email protected]!

Spurg1741d ago

He does work in the industry....He swipes the floor and gets everyone coffee.

stiggs1740d ago

Posting videos to YouTube which were made using a pirated copy of After Effects doesn't really qualify as "working in the film industry".

PSVita1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Lol you all obviously can't seem to be able to comment with an intelligent reply but that's ok I'm a Director that does a lot more then youtube videos using After Effects.

OT: there's no reason to get defensive guys. My names PSvita so what.. Do you wanna cry about it? Look through my comments I'm not a fan boy. I called out the fact that this article is being exaggerated by people that don't understand how this correlates to an Xbox game. Wipe the tears and "wait for E3".

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notyobizhwispndmymny1741d ago

SALT is on my screen right now :)

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christocolus1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Nice..just saw Gravity awesome movie and no wonder QB looks so good. Im glad he is part of the team at Remedy.Hope they get to develop an Alan wake sequel down the line.

jatakk1741d ago

This certainly didn't lower my expectations for Quantum Break!

I loved Alan Wake and expect great things from Remedy. I've been a fan of them since the early 90's before they (some guys from a PC demo group called Future Crew) founded Remedy Entertainment. Here's a link to one of their early works:

level 3601741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Good on Greg for the Oscar win on Gravity, what a stellar film. Seen it on the big screen and now ordered a 3D blu ray copy.

Putting XBox ONE on the headline though is just wrong and such a load of stinking biased advertising rubbish.

Would be more respectful if the headline contained Greg Louden's name then Remedy and Quantum Break.

JustPlay41741d ago

I agree this has nothing to do with remedy or QB, just one guy that works there

Spurg1741d ago

'just one guy that works there'
who is a dev working on X1 exclusive Quantum Break.

PSVita1741d ago


Who is also just one guy on a team working on Quantum Break. Not the lead Special effects artist or director.

Spurg1741d ago

'Not the lead Special effects artist or director.'
He doesn't have to be the leader...he is part of the design're acting like he's the person that swipes the floor and gets everyone coffee.

JeffGUNZ1740d ago

@ PSVita

Stop posting. No one cares about your opinion when you are just trying to downplay any positive news. He was part of an Oscar winning team, that's a great accomplishment.

We get it, It hasn't been good news for PS this week with KZ (Sony lying to their fanbase about the MP being true 1080p). You're mad that this guy is winning an oscar and is working on an xbox game while Sony has David Copperfield working for Killzone.

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