Microsoft should sell Xbox to Amazon

Rumours abound Microsoft might sell Xbox to Amazon, to remove distractions from their focus on enterprise. Codec Moments think that could be a good thing!

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staticdash222759d ago

Even if this is a possibility, it won't happen for a long time. New CEO just came in, and Elop as the head of devices, so no way he tries to kill his job. His focus, will be to bring the division to profitability and cut unnecessary finances, which I'm sure he's already starting. This will likely be some of the spending habits that the xbox division does, which are unhealthy.

Garethvk2759d ago

I would love to know if their tradition of paying huge money to get their name branded and DLC first like Call of Duty and TitanFall is really working for them in the long run. Nintendo was urged to license their games for other systems as a way to build up revenue. Can you imagine if Halo or Gears was releases for PS and Wii systems?

Applejack2758d ago

If that happened, it would be devastating for Mircosoft. That's like Sony giving Uncharted and Grand Turismo to the competition. Each console needs its flagship titles along with great new IPs to be able to sell units.

Kribwalker2758d ago

Silly jhawk
This is PSN4G, if it's a negative xbox article it is never a repost. I'm sure they changed enough info in this post to make it new again. Now if it would be about Killzone then it would be buried.

Garethvk2758d ago

Right but if Microsoft keeps losing pace they may have to do something. They have invested Billions on the Xbox systems and according to reports, they will never make their money back as while it shows a profit, it is not returning a huge profit compared to investment.

JokesOnYou2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

"Now if it would be about Killzone then it would be buried."

-Yep, you got that right Kribwalker and Microsoft has already said this is nonsense, but they'll keep righting this junk for hits anyway, just another worthless opinion piece. Moving on.

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Pogmathoin2758d ago

And that deserved all those disagrees? Place is gone amok with rabid fanboys..... Wet dreamers....

alb18992759d ago

Or maybe MS buys Amazon......who will know

urwifeminder2758d ago

Sounds cool I would stay with them or just strictly go to pc or wait for Samsung to own the market.

xDHAV0K24x2758d ago

I'd hack away my backlog for every console I own and choose WiiU as my 8th gen console. Got no love for the sony camp

Alan_Shore2758d ago

I reckon it's a dumb idea x1 is making money per console its only seems to be doing bad compared to ps4 which is selling brilliantly. But xbox one is still selling well.

Sony is actually the one that should maybe venture on new business deals and its not due to ps4. The ps4 is selling great it's there other products that are selling terribly.

Ginesis2758d ago

Thank you!!! The only company in REAL trouble here is Sony. Even Nintendo has a large amount of cash reserves along with Microsoft. You know who doesn't??? I'll let you guys take a wild guess.

This is just stupid fanboy wishing.

jukins2758d ago

Microsoft is not really making money in x1. Its so low its basically a break even deal.

As for Sony and its business deals if you've been paying attention that's exactly what they've been doing since Kaz took over. Buying sole ownership of their mobile devices from ericcson, spinning off the TV division, buying gakai, selling the VAIO computer brand etc.

@Ginesis as for Sony being in real trouble youre wrong. Yes they're not performing as well they want but if needed Sony has enough sellable and valuable assets that they could easily get cash for.

Ginesis2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@junkins just stop man cause you have no idea what you're talking about. Microsoft makes more of a profit off of the Xone than Sony does with the PS4. You're right they can sell their divisions but not at "asking price". So they'll sell at a loss!

This is to EVERYONE! The PS4 alone can't save Sony!!!! No matter how good its selling. THEY ARE IN TROUBLE AS A WHOLE COMPANY. Kaz is doing what he can but its like putting a Band-aid on a wound that needs stitches/staples, all you're doing is slowing down bleeding out!

SITH2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

For those in denial about how good sony is doing.

Sony has a horrible working capital ratio. Meaning they can not pay their debts when they are due. Which also means they may not be able to pay their employees.

Anon19742758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@ SITH. Yeah, you don't know how Macroaxis works, do you?

There isn't a reputable financial analyst alive predicting bankruptcy for Sony. The possibility of Sony going bankrupt isn't even being discussed outside of gaming sites, most not understanding the limitations of Macroaxis algorithm.

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theWB272758d ago

I never get this. Amazon has enough money. If they were serious about gaming with Sony, Ninty and Micro then there is nothing stopping them from building a powerful machine and releasing it to the masses.

Where's this law that either one of the 3 has to go for this to happen?

jukins2758d ago

Yea they do have the money but it would be such a big risk and they'd likely have to take a big loss on hardware like they do with the kindle and hope to recoup with its content delivery.

Amazon does have cloud expertise and could potentially rival Sony and PlayStation now. I find this rumor very intriguing.

DOMination-2758d ago

They aren't mega rich. They run off really fine profit margins so whilst income is huge, the profits they post in comparison are tiny.

theWB272758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

They are buying studios and also getting into making movies n shows for their own network. If Nintendo can do their thing then Amazon can too if they so choose. If they didn't have the money I doubt they'd be in the running to buy the Xbox division (based on these persistent and unsubstantiated rumors).

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