Is It Time For The Dragon Ball Z Franchise To Do Something Completely New?

Masoud of DualShockers writes:

"The Dragon Ball franchise is in a weird state.

As noted in my review on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, there’s something about the franchise that has been able to maintain its rather overwhelmingly large and dedicated fanbase for decades since its debut back in 1984. And yet, the games have always had a hard time of capturing the core of the franchise, of making what could be called the quintessential must-have, be-all, end-all Dragon Ball game, though many have captured a part of it. But there’s just something so epic, so grand in scope, that’s hard to dissect and contain in one disc, cartridge, cassette and on. At least, so far.

So how do you make the a better Dragon Ball game? What kind of steps can be taken to revive the franchise, to invigorate it, as if resurrected by the dragon balls of game development? And how can future games bring something new to the table?"

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ZodTheRipper1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Yes, an open world RPG please.

WeAreLegion1785d ago

Agreed. This is exactly what we need. From the beginning of the series all the way to Bills.

mp12891785d ago

screw that egyptian cat, the series ends well with buu

ZodTheRipper1785d ago

^Agree, just give me everything until Buu and I'm happy. I'd love to search for dragonballs & develop new techniques in a DBZ open world action adventure. I don't understand why 90% of the DBZ games are fighting games ...

WeAreLegion1785d ago

I'm not a fan of Bills, but a large portion of the DBZ fan base is. So, I would include it.

MightyNoX1785d ago

@mp : Bills rendered DBGT non-canon so he's pretty A-okay in my book.

Dasteru1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )


GT was never canon to begin with, the mangas ended with Z and Akira Toriyama wasn't involved in its production.

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mechlord1785d ago

Something new? hmm..... what about quitting and stop the god damn milking? nowadays these DBZ games are all the same minus one or two characters. Just let it go..let Goku rest in peace.

chaos_mechanica1785d ago

That's exactly why I'm a proponent for moving onto a new story or an alternate verse. The world had some interesting ideas, but the formula became the same, and that was inherited by the games. Time to switch things up.

Baccra171785d ago

He (Goku) will, in about 100 Namek days.

its_JEFF1785d ago


GRRRRR... an open world RPG would be AMAZING!!! Lets make this happen, someone draw up a petition!

aimforthehead1785d ago

Agreed. It needs to be an RPG with a refined combat system and capture the story telling, characters, and atmosphere of the anime.

I think people are tired of following the same story over and over, not that the DBZ story isn't fantastic, but the universe is massive. There is so much opportunity for completely new story lines with new characters, as well as branches of little known characters. Do what Avatar did with Korra and branch out, completely write over GT if need be (I don't think many would complain. A lot of us don't consider it to be cannon and care little about it).

Stop giving us rehashed arcade fighters. I don't think there's much more than Budokai 3 or Tenkaichi Budokai 3 that you can offer us in that genre.

juliotheman211784d ago

Check this out it will blow you away :) thank me later.

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rarity1785d ago

I want a DBZ game with every DBZ character and gameplay like dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 with graphics like dbz ultimate tenkaichi or better!

blackblades1785d ago

I just want a new budokai/burst limit game with all the characters, and gameplay from budokai 3. Characters in tenkaichi all had the same moves.

maniacmayhem1785d ago

Yes, how many times are gamers going to relive the Freiza saga. Time to move on, that story is told the exact same way every time.

We need a completely new story or saga that is exclusive to consoles, with all new villains for Goku and his friends to fight.

dericb111785d ago

And alternate storyline would be really nice to be honest. DBZ/DBGT are pretty old and the stories are tired. Going the Full Metal:Brotherhood route would be nice and would help the entire franchise out.

chaos_mechanica1785d ago

That's exactly what I meant with the reference to Tenchi Muyo. For better or worse, that series got to try different scenarios out while staying somewhat true to most of the characters personalities.

gamedebater1785d ago

Smash Brothers Style With DBZ Characters.

After doing 40% damage character can do a KAI attack.
Kai Attacks can push players off maps ect
A K/O Punch off map would be @ 300% Dmg
Characters feel heavier when not flying
they can fly but getting knocked off map is easier

something like that.

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