Nintendo: The Company Currently Playing It Too Safe With Its Software

SuperPhillip Central writes, "The Wii U's sales are an abomination and quite disastrous for the big N. The Nintendo 3DS is seeing an overall decline in sales as well. Nintendo has always been known for relying on established franchises to build its library of games for each system it manufacturers. Most sell well, but with the Wii U there seems to be the feeling that Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda are not enough to sell hardware for Nintendo anymore, or that these series are no longer relevant. I wouldn't go that far, as I think the lack of Wii U sales and declining Nintendo 3DS sales has less to do with the franchises no longer noticeably impacting sales, and more to do with Nintendo's most recent releases treading too much familiar ground. Thus, the excitement for these games isn't as large as it could be."

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Benjaminkno2657d ago

I can't say I disagree.
There were some excellent Nintendo games in the last few years, but they could use some more IP's. I hear there's one in the works. I'm sure it'll be awhile.

abzdine2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Nintendo software is the reason i will always love this company.

Austacker2656d ago

That bought a huge smile to my face. Loved it!

Sincere01212657d ago

After reading stupid click bait title, didnt bother reading article. On to the next one.

Phil322657d ago

No, a stupid click bait title would be "Nintendo: The Company Currently Playing It Too Safe With Their Software and Why They Are Doomed to Extinction Because of It."

Unfortunately, that wouldn't fit what this article is about. How about instead of being rude because you're hiding safely behind your computer screen and can get away with it, why don't you actually read the article next time? Then you wouldn't make a comment whining about an article title that is hardly "click bait."

Ironically, I think you just baited me into wasting time responding to you.

Shad0wRunner2657d ago

LOL. Nintendo fanboys cant handle the cold hard facts and truth, when it's presented in bold, black and white...all up in their faces. So they label it as "click bait"...throw their 2 cents in, which isnt much, and leave.

It's no secret or surprise that Nintendo has been in a downward spiral, lately. Especially with the Wii U and it's games...or lack thereof. It's gotten SO bad, that it almost takes the public eye off of Microsoft and all their past screw-up's, with the XBox One. Iwata has admitted to screwing up, several Nintendo execs have taken pay cuts as a result of their screw up's. It's a hot, bloody mess!

But yeah...I imagine the truth must sting a bit, for these fellows. LOL.

Vegamyster2657d ago


"It's no secret or surprise that Nintendo has been in a downward spiral, lately."

All 3 companies are having issues.

Nintendo need to get games out and do a proper job to promote the Wii-U otherwise MK8/Smash Bros won't make the large splash they need.

The Xbox brand hasn't made MS any profit and now the Xone sales have stagnated like the Wii-U.

It's awesome the PS4 is doing well but the Vita needs work, they're also bleeding money from many of their other divisions which they're working on but that unfortunately means having to lay off thousands of people and sell building to pay off dept.

I don't have any allegiance to these pieces of plastic, i want all 3 to do well since competition is good.

tweet752657d ago

almsot all nintendos first party titles of the last year have been highly rated by fans and critics why change a great thing?

McScroggz2657d ago

Because they have been primarily doing the same thing for 15-20 years and Nintendo doesn't have the same sway it used to. Now people think of Nintendo as a handheld company or the makers of the Wii that never gets used anymore.

And it's not that Nintendo should stop making any games for existing franchises; but rather Nintendo should start putting some of the most talented studios to work on creating new IP's to help attract non-diehard Nintendo fans. Because when it comes to their home consoles, that's been the majority of owners for a long time and as great as their handhelds have been they can't prop up the home console division forever despite what some may think.

Rustynail2657d ago

Nintendo is in trouble. They have to fight like really hard in order to be on par with Sony and Microsoft.

Shad0wRunner2657d ago

Except Nintendo ISNT on par with Sony or Microsoft. Not even close...

Vegamyster2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

The Xone is barely outselling the Wii-U currently, also the 3DS is still doing well.

Rustynail2655d ago

It's not doing as well as the GBA or NDS.

Vegamyster2655d ago


So? It still doing great.

just-joe2657d ago

And yet I don't see many other companies taking chances.

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