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"Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, developed by Retro Studios, is finally out. Check our review to learn how great it really is!"

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micx2657d ago

It's good seeing how Nintendo can keep his old franchises alive.

Alexious2657d ago

True. If only their games were available on true next gen hardware, though...

Sincere01212657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Their games ARE on true next gen hardware.

bobacdigital2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Define true next gen hardware?

The game is running at 60fps locked @ 720p upscalled to 1080p.. The game looks and runs so well you cant even tell what resolution it is running at. How is this any different than what over 50% of the X1 games are performing at?

WiiU is next gen when compared to the Wii ... It went from 100% of their games at 480p to multiple rendering at 720 / 1080p... It also mirrors gameplay to the Gamepad with little to no discernible lag at 60fps.. A feat that the PS4 / Vita combo cant accomplish (games stream at a max 30fps).

The majority of all first party games on the Wii U run flawlessly and look amazing... It is true that Nintendo is doing more with less... Play the game first before you judge...

Festano2657d ago

This game is worth buying a console.

LOL_WUT2657d ago

Lets not get ahead of our selfs it's a good game with great challenges but it's not worth buying a $300 console that 3rd parties aren't even supporting. With that said DKTF deserves a higher score loving the rhino and cart missions some good stuff. ;)

cervantes992657d ago

Worth is in the eye of the buyer. This game is worth owning the console for me - which I do.

I also own a PS4 and X1 because I think they are worth it too.

This is my hobby so I must have all systems to play all the great games each console offers.

bobacdigital2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I cant believe people are knocking the game on difficulty... A lot of what ive been reading is that the game is too hard and visually isnt a massive upgrade ... some say it is just uprez'd DKCR.. People knock Nintendo games for being easy now and now they are all over them for being too hard... This game should be in the 90s's on metacritic.

The visuals / music alone in this game are really awesome.. I am biased when it comes to the music and sound effects because I have a good home theater .. Not sure how it performs on standard sound systems but if you have a nice SUB as DK trouts along you get a lot of punchy bass.. kind of a cool little touch.

BullyMangler2656d ago

awwww you struggle to afford things

RetroGamingBlog2657d ago

Caving in to making a purchase on this. It's difficulty is a good thing, while some gamers may find the challenge borderline unfair - I personally love the tough platformers. They offer a much more rewarding experience on completion.

This game didn't interest me that much before, but having caught up with a few videos and reviews, it looks deliciously evil.

@LOL_WUT "Lets not get ahead of our selfs it's a good game with great challenges but it's not worth buying a $300 console that 3rd parties aren't even supporting."

This is a personal thing. I think it's worth purchasing on the current array of titles now out. Pikmin 3, 101, 3D World, Rayman and this all make for a good range of games. B2 will really help!

While I didn't really like 3D World that much, Bayonetta 2 and 101 keep me enthusiastic. I enjoy the arcade style of games currently coming out. That said, I wasn't that happy with my Wii U 2 weeks ago, perhaps as it was my only console. I'm currently waiting on my ordered PS4 with Ground Zeroes (hooray!). So the third party drought won't affect me at all. I think the best is yet to come. We will see soon enough.

cooperdnizzle2657d ago

This game is amazing. I own all consoles and some what of a Sony fanboy. But I will gladly say this game is the best game out right now for the wii u and one of the best games out right now in general. And while I don't think it alone is wroth buying a wii u but there is also 3D world wonder 101 and Kart on it's way. Would be a nice time for people who haven't picked up the wii u to go a head and take the plunge. Ps4 and wii u best combo.