Amy Hennig comments on Twitter: “Kind words very appreciated. More than you know”

After apparently being ousted and leaving Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig has popped up on Twitter to thank everyone “for the kind words” adding “It’s very appreciated. More than you know”.

Thantalas3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Amy Hennig says she appreciates the support. I wish her well and hope Sony and Yoshida have the good sense to try and find her a place in one of their other studios.

EDIT: Hennig responds to a protected comment by one of her twitter followers "All made up. I would never say any of that."


Riderz13373793d ago

The protected account asked if the rumors of her not agreeing with what they did with the Left Behind DLC.

It was a 4chan rumor so it was clearly not true lol.

Applejack3793d ago

Thank you for telling us that, + bubble for helpful.

brave27heart3793d ago

I think Im just ever so slightly in love with Amy. Im sure whatever she does she'll be just fine.

-Foxtrot3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

No word from Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley yet

If everything is true about them...then despite making a fantastic game with The Last of Us, what a couple of douche bags.

As I've said in another comment, I like Neil's writing but if he took over Uncharted I'm scared it would end up going dark, he wanted to kill Elena off in Uncharted 2....god knows what he would do.

At the end of the day though even if it was true I doubt the truth would see the light. Amy doesn't take me as the type to create conflict especially when it could make ND in general look bad. I think Amy would feel she would look like she left with dignity if people thought it was her own choice but then again you don't leave a project during development, especially a franchise you've helped evolved over the years, I mean Uncharted is her "child" in ways, why would she give that up. I just think if she left by choice Amy would of left after development and would make Uncharted 4 her last game at ND...bowing out gracefully.

JoGam3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Honestly lets not jump the gun yet. Sony has responded saying Amy leaving is true however none of the story with Uncharted was effected. Maybe Amy Hennig job is complete with the story. So maybe she leaving was planned a long time ago. If true does that mean this is the last Uncharted?

Guess I'm just hoping there's a silver lining to this situation.

Eonjay3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

All we know for sure is that she left ND. Thats all. We don't even know if she was working on UC4 or not. She isn't the one and only writer on the game and here biggest contribution was in UC3. Maybe the team wanted a different writer after the criticisms from UC3. Maybe she decided she didn't want to work on the project anymore.

hellzsupernova3793d ago

I feel like she would have said something to the effect of "now i feel my role here at ND is complete and i can move onto some new projects in my life"

however we haven't herd anything, it is far too quiet to be her leaving on her own accord

KwietStorm_BLM3793d ago

I would've killed off Elena myself. Love Uncharted. Can't stand Elena.

JoGam3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Really? Wow! But Drake loves her. That might send him in the nut house.

-Foxtrot3793d ago

Elena was one of the best created female characters of last gen....how can you not like her.

Emily Rose plays her perfectly aswell

Thatguy-3103793d ago

IDK I think they should have just kept Drake and Elena as a flirty type of duo instead of making them a full on couple. The chemistry that Drake had with Chloe and Elena in Uncharted 2 won't be seen again simply because of the "committed" relationship.

hellzsupernova3793d ago

Doesn't have to stay a committed relationship, keeping in mind that Elena doesn't want him doing that anymore maybe she will say its me or adventuring break off the relationship

hulk_bash19873793d ago

Well I guess there's no accounting for taste. Elena is one of the most likeable and grounded characters in the Uncharted series but to each their own.

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Dark113793d ago

Killing Elena? that would have been a great idea
Uncharted needs to be darker not friendly bullcrap.

-Foxtrot3793d ago

Not everything needs to be dark you know

Uncharted is light hearted, always has been why go the dark route.

Conzul3793d ago

I'd like Uncharted to be a LITTLE darker, but no need to go TLOU dark all the time.

I was disappointed when Elena survived in 2. Not 'cus I hate her but a game had never made me feel so shocked and sad in that way but then they faked me out.

Thehyph3793d ago

Uncharted is good for not being dark. It's the type of game that revels in cheesy, unrealistic action adventure with some corny characters and lame jokes.
I love all of these things about Uncharted.

I love TLOU for not doing these things.

SoulSercher6203793d ago

Then stick to playing The Last of Us not Uncharted.

Pozzle3793d ago

I'm personally VERY glad that Uncharted isn't a dark series. I'm so sick of the "darker is better" trend that seems to be in so many movies and games nowadays. There's nothing wrong with being fun, light hearted, and a little bit cheesy.

I'm glad they didn't kill off Elena too. Killing off the love-interest to add drama is such a boring cliche anyway.

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KwietStorm_BLM3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I don't like her because she's annoying, and I can only take so much of her smart ass attitude. I liked how she was more subdued in Uncharted 3. As far as being more 'dark,' it doesn't have to go full on psychologically scarred, but they already hinted at Drake's darker past before, and if that teaser is what I think it is, then they may be going for a little more serious tone with the characters anyway, which might be refreshing, given that this will be the fifth game in the franchise. I'm only being half serious when I say I would kill her off. I just don't like her.

Conzul3793d ago

If you think about it, in U1 Drake sorta molded her into what she was in 2 and 3 - a powerhouse. Not to say that she lacked disposition, but she was sometimes a dick toward him afterwards which rubbed me wrong.

NarooN3793d ago

I agree. They did a good job with her characterization, but she annoys the piss out of me. Never liked her. I liked Chloe a lot more, lol.

Pozzle3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

To be fair, Elena is only a reporter who just wanted to film Drake digging up some treasure (in Uncharted 1) and film Lezarevic's actions from a distance (in Uncharted 2). And in both games, she ends up fighting for her life. Hell, in Uncharted 2 her cameraman Jeff is killed right in front of her, and she herself nearly dies in that grenade blast.

So it's understandable why she isn't all sunshine and roses. She isn't used to the danger of treasure hunting like Drake, Sully, and Chloe are. She just wants to get her job done, but whenever Drake gets involved she ends up getting hurt, kidnapped, or almost killed. If I was her, I'd be pretty pissed off too!

lonewolfjedi3793d ago

I wouldn't go as far as calling them douchebags. we barely know any details of the situation. and in an industry that thrives off of creativity your bound to bump a couple of heads and have disagreements.

-Foxtrot3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Which is why I said "if it was true"

Keyword - "If"

geddesmond3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

She probably finished writing UC4 and ask Sony what's next and Sony responded UC5 and Amy said screw that, give the series a break so fans can truly miss it then hit them with a bomb and Sony repeated UC5 and Amy said "I heard from some Sony Santa Monica ex devs that MS is hiring. Bye Bye.

Breaking news, Amy has created a new gaming studio along with ex SSM devs under MS first party devs. There first game is a story she pitched to Sony but got turned down.

3 years later. Amy dog studios first game breaks sales records and increases X1 sales by 100,000% X1 has finally caught up to the PS4. Amy also announces her engagement to major nelson. The two of them created their first little grey haired baby who they are gonna call Nathan bandicoot Jax the third.

Major Nelson is so excited about the baby that he has decided to give Xbox live subscribers AAA games that are not a few years old free for subscribers.

In other news, in the light of X1 finally catching up to the PS4 bill gates has decided to withdrawn his offer of 1 billion dollars to anyone who can build a device that can turn Kazuo Hirai into a mouse.

I know lame but I'm drunk leave me alone lol.

LexHazard793793d ago

Fox, im with you on this one! It makes no sense whatsoever that someone as important as Amy would just leave while game is in middle of development.

extermin8or3793d ago

You know assuming there was a disagreement they could well have had a very valid reason for disagreeing and she might well have left due to this? Which would technically be for something valid and she felt after that maybe that she had to leave, or someone higher in the pecking order stepped in and said "look you need to compromise they are correct" and so now she's gone. Games were great but uncharted 3 was the worst one story with so many plot holes etc and it was the one Bruce and Neil didn't work on. Killing Elena off wouldn't on it' own have made the overall plot that much darker only the very end. Uncharted 3 could've been a far more interesting story and might've made abit more sense if the reason drake was revisiting that past area of his life and being so reckless was because off having lost Elena. From comments made by a few other devs I'm pretty sure Sully was meant to die in uncharted 3 and then that was pulled back towards the end... Killing a character is often a way to ensure a story feels fresh and continues in the future without getting boring. End of the day whatever happened I'm sorry she's left but all I ultimately want is the best game ND can make and if that meant Amy had to leave then so be it :/ I mean it's not like with a record like hers she'll have any problem getting a job elsewhere. Hell if sony are smart they'll get one of their other studios to employ her.