Gametrailers.com: Rock Revolution Konami Gamers' Day 08 Debut Gameplay Trailer

The debut gamplay trailer to Konami's Rock Revolution.

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niall775607d ago

thats totally rockband made by Japanese developers.

I know Konami basically invented the music game but damn... where are the origonal ideas

Lord_Ash5607d ago

The interface looks like a mobile phone game, it's horrible they still have time to fix it but who knows, the music selection ain't bad at all, Metallica Am I Evil?!! excellent choice.

davidadrake5607d ago

Looks like Frets on Fire. I will not be getting this, and what's up with the straight-on view?


Cyberpunk 2077 Creepy Family Photo Stealthily Fixed in Update 2.0

CD Projekt RED has sneakily fixed that jarring Cyberpunk 2077 creepy family photo as part of the big Update 2.0 roll out.

Jin_Sakai4h ago

I tossed 3 grenades at cops on the PS5 version and the game crashed. 😂

mastershredder3h ago

The set up to this is so dumb in/a forgettable, who gives a f moment. Nice focus on what’s really broken with this game.


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A huge Super Mario 64 speedrun trick has been discovered that could prove to wholly change the speedrunning scene in the ecosystem.


It looks like Counter-Strike 2 will launch next week

As if 2023 wasn't stacked enough Valve seems to be teasing Counter-Strike 2's impending launch

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