Japan's PS3 Network now online

That's right folks, Sony's PlayStation Network is already up and running with some of the basic goodies you can expect from a new online site of fun and gaming happiness! Now, it's in Japanese, so the translations might not be complete just yet, but they should be pretty good representations of what to expect if, for some reason, you own a Japanese PS3 and want to get some freebies or download some new games.

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bung tickler4449d ago

when it comes to games, hackers have a field day when things are "restriction free" and it cost LOTS and LOTS of money to keep the hackers away. i mean just take blizzard for example they even have thier own closed system ( set up and they still spend sh!t-tons of money on security. thats why they charge now for a service they used to provide for free back in the day when starcraft and diablo where kings... now you pay $15 a month. with sony offering a "free" and open online service i can %100 asure you it will be a hackers playland and that in turn makes multiplayer the biggest crapfest it can be. so all you ps3 fan who say "it may not be great but its free" to you i say i would gladly pay less than $4 a month for a closed & hackfree system any day if it means i can actually ENJOY playing online and you will all wish you could too in time. if you want a open system just play on your PC.

VirtualGamer4449d ago

What does this article have to do with restriction free? What does this article have to do with hacking? You then argue that even if Sony was to use a closed system this would still occur since it happned to Blizzard with So if this thing is going to go on regardless of closed or open system then what are you arguing about a open system being bad?

Btw its my understanding thaqt the PS3 network is a closed network that can only be access using a PS3 and logging inot the Sony network so thats a closed network to me at least.

You then seem to think that if you pay money that this all goes away. You also wrongly assumed that Blizzard now charges $15 a month for which it does not. is still free as it always has been. The only thing Blizzard charges $15.00 a month for is their MMO game, World of Warcraft. Guess what even with that closed system and charging money they still have people who cheat and exploit.

The same could be said for the Xbox 360. You seem to suggest that because MS runs the servers and charges to acccess them that this somehow means people can't hack or mod the system. Funny didn't MS just do an update that stopped people who where cheating on their Achievement scores?

Funny this closed and paid for system did not seem to stop people from finding ways to cheat. Now its good that MS found a way to stop them but your premise that the whole closed and paid for system makes it impossible for people to cheat is incorrect. I am sure that their will be more of this kind of thing that happens to both MS and Sony all we can do is hope that both companies work hard to find and shut down these types of activities.

Mr Murda4448d ago

You just strengthened "voloptuary"'s point. Has anyone ever said that you gonna stop people from cheating...NO, but MS is able to combat this in an aggressive way. XBL is standardized and MS controls every aspect of the service. PS3 online is open for all sorts of hacking, cause Sony hasn't standardized the service. I'm not saying that Sony won't release patches or updates, but I'll guarantee that they won't be nearly as aggressive as MS for XBL.

Shadow4448d ago

The point is that one can't conclusively prove that XBL will be more secure or not. Especially since there's no distinction made between an "open" and "closed" system in this topic.

uxo224448d ago

"That's right folks, Sony's PlayStation Network is already up and running with some of the basic goodies you can expect from a new online site of fun and gaming happiness! "

Was it not expected that the online service was going to be up and running when the system was launched?

It's almost as if the online service was beleived to be just a rumor. Maybe this isn't suppose to be news, just chit chat.