Rise of the Un-Game

GamingLives' Adam takes a look at the recent phenomenon of games with no definitive gameplay, and asks why their validity is questioned. Ultimately, if they're interactive and provide entertainment in a virtual medium, are they not still games?

"I’ve often said that I consider games to be an art form as much as any other, and it is generally considered that the question “but is it art?” is a really stupid one; art is one of the most subjective things that we do as a species and what is seen by one person as simply an upside down urinal is viewed as a statement of genius by another. In the same vein, if I think Gone Home is a game, does it really matter if you don’t?"

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MichaelZack2756d ago

I have never heard of the 'un-game' before. Though there does seem to be a few games out there that don't have gameplay. I like the article. Very thoughtful

k3x2755d ago

Can you _play_ it? Is it interactive? Well, seems like a game to me.

The way I see it is, people tend to use "this isn't really a game" as an euphemism "this game is a nauseatingly boring waste of life". Of course, most people won't admit that in fear of being labeled as simpletons who "don't get it", since most of these games are perceived by some as a form of highly metaphorical, sophisticated art.