Emergence Day has started; Marketplace content for limited time

Gears of War is already in the North American stores for a few days, but Emergence Day is far from over. Major Nelson today announced a free Gears of War gamerpic and theme that will be available on the Marketplace for a limited time.

De content can only be downloaded by Canadian, American and Mexican gamers, since those are the only countries the game has released yet. The 'I played on Emergence Day' gamerpic and theme will dissapear from the Xbox Live Marketplace at 11:59pm PT, so grab them while you can.

Xbox Live also starts celebrating Emergence Day today. Xbox Live Gold members in North America can download exclusive movies, win prizes and participate in various other activities.

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RBlaze4453d ago

Missing out on another Gears thing!!! Us Brits n Europeans better get our own version of these sorta things or its so unfair!!!! We're the guys hangin in the spaceships waiting to be dropped onto the battlefield!!

Morbius4204453d ago

Don't you have your own version of Emergence Day next week?

RBlaze4453d ago

I just heard they had a competition on live on the 12th (i think). We wont get that!

Nodoze4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

I was expecting a bit more on 'Emergence Day'. Gamerpics, a theme, and a video from Cliffy B....big whoop.

How about a cool in game downloadable (an arm band for your character models in multi player, new bandana for Marcus etc) to show that you were part of emergence day, and have been playing since day 1.

Game with fame is crap, as are the released 'freebies'. WIth all the talk about microstransactions it would have been a great forethought to have special outfits or in game content available.

Oh well I guess this next generation is all about nickel and diming the gamer.

JoelEH4453d ago

DUDE! have you played the game? The game itself is worth it. No nickle and diming here at all. as far as the pics and theme. yeah the theme is cool but don't worry europe microsoft well not forget about you, I'm sure. And yes maybe some extra stuff would have been cool but honestly I am completely satisfy with what this game has to offer right now. I qustioned my 360 purchased for a couple of months but now I am a very happy camper. tnx Cliffy B.! GREAT GAME!