Prepare for Titanfall: Marc Whitten Provides Details on Xbox One March Update

Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer writes in Xbox Wire:

As a gamer, I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming launch of “Titanfall.” I’ve played the game and it’s awesome – I can’t wait to see you online! This launch is particularly special because our team has been working to make Xbox Live on Xbox One the best place to play.

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Convas3786d ago

Dare I say that this is the second launch of the Xbox One?

IMHO, it just feels like this is what the Xbone was meant to be on day one. Better late than never, glad they're dedicated to ensuring their XB1 experience improves as time goes by.

KingDadXVI3786d ago

I would even venture so boldly to say that given the negative feeling toward the Xbox brand after the DRM debacle that this works even better for them.

No one would have really noticed this 4 months ago. Launching with these fixes already in place would not even have been on the radar.

Now with the DRM mostly a bad memory with the mob a huge positive update like this really stands out, showing what MS can do when it comes to programing and listening to their customers.

This will garner a lot more traction for them now than if they had shipped the console with all of this stuff in place.

BingBongGuy3786d ago

Just give them a little time. They fired Don Mattrichs and put to rest any drm policy.

The whole ps4 v\s X1 battle for the hardcore will end within the next 12 monthes. The X1 will shine through because its a great product. You use your fingers, I bet I could dazzle your mind with voice commands that control everything in my entertainment center.

redwin3786d ago

I'm not as intusiastic as bigbong, but I have both machines and they are great in their own right. This week there is a lot of good talk about Xbox and in a few weeks we will be talking about the ps4 with something new and good

KingDadXVI3786d ago

@BingBongGuy Yeah, they really needed that tool out of there. I watched an interview where another MS exec was saying Don went way off queue and was not supposed to talk about all the TV stuff as much as he did. Apparently his handlers and other execs were in the back cringing saying, "Oh No!"

The voice commands are the bomb, they work great and are working better all the time. Cortana is rumored to be going into Beta testing for windows phone in April and coming to Xbox One next spring. Parsing voice command is the next step and should be great. I get to preview the updates which is great too. They have a lot of good stuff coming down the pipe and it is only 4 months in.

Alan_Shore3786d ago

To be fair the amount of update's they are making seem's like its a different machine. Less restrictive that's for sure

Audiggity3786d ago

Or perhaps they are improving upon, and will continue to improve upon their flagship gaming product. Like they've always done.

Check out the PS3 update log: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

And how many massive Xbox 360 UI/Functionality updates there were: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Just sayin' - while these seem to be things in place for Day One, I'd prepare for many more updates of this magnitude (or greater) in the future!

Bigpappy3786d ago

I had no doubts about them fixing the incompletes. This is why I bought the system early. There is something to experiencing the evolution. M$ spends a lot of time working on updates and ideas they cook up. Most of it is very good.

4Sh0w3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Agreed Bigpappy their updates are usually very meaningful, the evolution of the console is truly remarkable when you stand back and watch like how much the 360 changed over the years, you just got to give micro credit when it comes to software they bring the goods.

HacSawJimThugin3786d ago

I second/third that BigPappy. I loved what the 360 has become over the years and I can't wait to see my X1 undergo the same evolution . TitanFall and Project Spark are just the beginning...the proverbial tip of the iceberg. We have a lot of good thing coming our way friend and I'm dying to see what's next.

Automatic793786d ago

I agree Bigpappy this is what sets Xbox One apart they improve with updates and it keeps there system fresh.

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DanielGearSolid3786d ago

MS is good at generating hype

Since when do system updates get this much coverage?

maniacmayhem3786d ago

About as many times as it gets submitted here. I'm pretty sure there's an article for every update for the PS4/3 and the PS3 has a lot of them.

Audiggity3786d ago

Exactly - I posted the history for both last gen platforms above. Massive change logs.

Legacy2123786d ago

Since they add a bunch of new features? If sony had a big update it also would get hype.

Alan_Shore3786d ago

It's still news why wouldn't it get covered?

DanielGearSolid3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

To be clear I'm not saying it shouldnt be covered...

All updates should be, but since when do system updates get teased on twitter, or hyped like its a new game release almost 2 months in advanced?

Stand by my statement, MS is good at generating hype for their stuff, not a bad thing, don't get defensive

Jessika_S3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

(Server based Multiplayer A.I.) I guess they also got tired of saying "With The Power of The Cloud" Someone at PR is doing their job and told them "Don't say that anymore it's become a joke".

On a good note the beta was great can't wait for next week and play the full game.

AngelicIceDiamond3786d ago

@Daniel Its nothing new.

The NXE dashboard was the first big update that was hyped amongst gamers and media. And that's basically where it all started.

360 updates are always big talk amongst media and gamers. Remember when Netflix was first released on console? That got loads of coverage allot of people were excited for it. MS just delivers when it comes to this kind of stuff.

For obvious reasons this sort of stuff doesn't WOW like it use to because its the norm and people never really thought about a transforming dash that added more functionality back then.

Nonetheless Xbox dashboard news is still and will always be a relevant and exciting topic amongst gamers and journalists alike.

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3 p I c3786d ago

Has there been an official release date of the headset adapter?

YingYng3786d ago

I believe the 7th is when the adapter gets released