Guerrilla looking at ‘April release’ for Killzone Mercenary’s Botzone

Fans of the portable first-person-shooter Killzone Mercenary will only have to wait “just one teeny month” to get their hands on the much awaited offline Botzone.

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dp2774071691d ago

Such a good game for Vita.


Very excited.

PoSTedUP1691d ago

sweet. free is nice, id even pay for this; i hope this means there is more DLC comming bc id pay for more maps and guns tbh. (would Really like the option to take the reflex sights/reddot scopes off my guns) im more of an "iron sights" and acog kinda guy. super dope game, ive been playing it every day again since the new maps released. its my favorite MP killzone out of all of them.

danny8181691d ago

wow they are really supporting this game to the fullest! very nice! and its all free content

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