Five Terrible Atari 2600 Games Based on Movies That Aren’t E.T.

Exploring some less than cherished Atari memories via some lesser-known bad movie tie-ins.

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Philoctetes1687d ago

I actually liked the AT-AT game when I was a kid. Of course I was young and stupid back then.

KingDadXVI1687d ago

I did too but E.T. was absolutely horrible.

thorstein1686d ago

Indeed it was. But every single game on this list (except maybe Superman (I honestly don't remember it)) was a blast to play. I spent hours playing them as a kid.

This guy is just looking for hits on his page by being "controversial."

Gee, never seen that on an article posted to N4G. Way to go, Nick. Not original at all.

e-p-ayeaH1686d ago

This was the time when companies could make a quick buck on games just in 3 months or less!

Geekman1686d ago

AVGN will look to here for reference.

OutLaw1686d ago

It's good to see some original gamers here. My three games from the Atari 2600 is Popeye, Fast Eddie and Pitfall

mr2331686d ago

Yes, same here. I was starting to feel old here. One of my favorite 2600 games was Adventure. Pitfall was right up there though.

Pozzle1686d ago

Pitfall was so much fun. And the sequel wasn't too bad either.

ThatArtGuy1686d ago

What?!? ESB was a great Atari 2600 game! The author is definitely not looking at things of the context of which they were made. Games then were always for a high score. The games having an ending then was extremely rare. As for Superman, which did have an ending, introduced a game that had more than one screen, being based off of the code for Adventure. There are much worse licensed games out there. M*A*S*H* comes to mind.

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