FRONTBURNR | South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

FRONTBURNR's Jonathan White takes a look at South Park: The Stick of Truth. Do the antics of the foul-mouthed Colorado kids make for a compelling RPG? Find out in this review!

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jdeane812762d ago

What I love about this game perhaps more than any other RPG is that it will be inherently watchable. I could actually just sit and watch my friends play this and have just as good of a time than actually having the controller in hand.

Sounds like more than just fan service but an actual creative extension similar to the movie that fits perfectly in the South Park universe.

Heisenburger2762d ago

That's honestly how it feels to me. It's kind of like a spinoff season of South Park starring you. I really love it so far.

314aaron2762d ago

Loved South Park when it first came out. After 4 seasons I stopped watching. I am so ready to play this game and be the fellas.

agentxk2762d ago

You actually play as a mute new kid. I'm about 4 hours in and have only played alongside Butters. Loving it so far.

Bathyj2762d ago

Is that part of his character, that hes a mute? Or is it just that they didnt record dialogue and its not really acknowledged?

I'm guessing the reason is because of the dialogue, but theyve poked fun at that in games and made it part of the story. I can totally see Cartman giving you crap because youre a mute.

Bathyj2762d ago

This game seems to be killing it. The few bad reviews it has had seem to be whining that it doesnt revolutionize RPGs or carries a few unwelcome genre tropes.

I think theyre missing the point.

This game is not for RPG fans that like a bit of Southpark, its for Southpark fans that like a bit of RPG.

I dont even like turn based combat but I think I'm still going to get this (imported). I've seen every episode, I'll be damned if I'm going to let 30+ hours of Southpark pass me by.

This could possibly be the best licensed game ever.

Grave2762d ago

If you like South Park or any of their movies you'd being doing yourself a disservice if you didn't play this game.