PS3 Backwards Compatibility Issues

Sony may have included the PS2's CPU and GPU with every PlayStation 3 system, but the system still appears to be having some problems with backwards compatibility. Just in time for the PS3's second anniversary (the second day it's been on the market in Japan), Sony passed on the specifics.

Now accessible at the Japanese site is a page for seeking out the backwards compatibility status of PS2 and PS1 titles. The Japanese page can be accessed here. By inputting the title, publisher name, release date or product number (an eight digit code containing four letters followed by a hyphen then four numbers), you can seek out the status of the 7,841 titles in Sony's database.

A warning about this search engine. It's a bit tough to read, as it lists all versions of individual games separately. A game might have its main version listed separate from its limited edition, its budget version, its second budget version, and so forth. This is one of the reason you'll find over 350 games listed under Konami, although Konami hasn't actually released that many games.

Most of the titles have the following message next to them "Currently, there have been no reports of major problems during play." Whether or not the games actually don't have a problem, or there is a problem but Sony hasn't found it yet, is up in the air.

IGN did find a few problem titles by looking through the list. Here's a quick run down.

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TheMART4451d ago

Good read.

So the PS3 also isn't fully 100% backwards compatible? Nice ain't that when the Sony fanboys shouted the 360 not had 100% backwards support, now it seems even with the PS2 hardware in the PS3 it won't do all the games.

Doesn't seem like it's the premium product that was promised guys

kmis874451d ago

Wow a handful of games have problems like Screen will occasionally appear 2cm to the right, and you come out with this.

Fact: Sony spent the money to include ps2 and psone chips instead of just going with a halfassed emulation thing.

Back when the ps2 was released not all psone games worked, only the majority, and that is what is happening now apparently. Plus they've promised to fix backwards compatability issues. Maybe you could doubt their commitment to it because of Microsoft's seems to not care, but since they've already started to fix some in their 1.10 update which was released before the system even launched, well I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt.

kmis874451d ago

I just wanted to clarify my statement in 1.1

I'm not giving Sony a free pass on this. I'm disappointed that games like GT4 and Devil May Cry, which I still play occasionally, might not work. Also, the Guitar Hero controller compatability worries me. I will see if I experience these issues when I can play my old ps2 games on my ps3 on the 22nd, and I guess I'll report them here.

I just made the comment because I was angry at how theMART compared the ps3's more complete compatability to the 360's patchwork compatability, and somehow suggested they were on equal footing based on what that article said.

Maddens Raiders4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

I'd like to have full GT functionality on the system, but it looks like it will glitch up -- this is the one thing that I'm a little sad about, but guess I'll just jam on the P2 until HD comes out. On the other hand the DVD playback upgrade is somewhat dissapointing too; however, I'm looking forward to building my BR library. I would be remissed if I didn't mention that sony will continue to provide software downloadable updates to fix these problems (like the Ace Combat / SOCOM patch). And remember that the P2 did not play all of the P1 games either. I think they'll be fine once these kinks are ironed out with the P3 to P2 emulation across the board. It will just take time.

THAMMER14451d ago

It dose not even upsace to HD. BOO

DEIx15x84450d ago

What did u expect from a PS2 inside of a PS3 case?

DEIx15x84450d ago

After rereading my comment i have realized that it does not sound the way i wanted it to. I am pointing out that the PS3 includes the PS2 hardware and that is what is running the PS1+2 games not any of the PS3 hardware. I was not trying to say that the PS3 is a PS2.

GamerX24451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

Why not???

kmis874451d ago

"No DVD upscaling for the time being. But they are looking at user needs and have a plan for the support. "

I really hope they fix that soon. While I'm going to be buying bluray movies from now on as my main media format, I'm not going to replace the dvds I already have, so I'd like them to at least get a boost.

The ps3 can upscale any ps3 game to 1080p apparently, but why it doesn't do it for dvds and older games I don't understand. They really should fix that.

lalaland4450d ago

Your TV will probably do a better job at upscaling movies compared to what i.e. the X360 or PS3 would do.

Regarding games there would certainly have been a major improvement... Guess we'll have to hope for an OS update for that, though it is not likely.

DJ4451d ago

Not too shabby, and still much better than what Microsoft achieved. Sony promised full backwards compatibility with titles that adhered to their hardware rules, but a lot of great titles actually broke those rules in order to achieve what they did. (this was revealed in a Sony interview about BC)

Kinda saddening that Tekken and Star Ocean have issues since I play those two a lot; hopefully they iron out these problems quickly.

bilal4451d ago

play star ocean --- it has a good fighting system but it has many flaws!

Apocalypse Shadow4451d ago

a choice of maybe 250 to 300,and most of the best titles don't work like some of mine.or a choice of about 5000 to 15000.hmmmmmm...let me think.and they will be updating the one said there wouldn't be any bugs.nintendo will have some small issues.probally better quality control,but some issues will appear.i don't want to transfer memory saves.i just want that adapter to read my cards,and i'm cool with it.

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