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Push Square: "Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition doesn’t solve the core gunplay issues that plagued the release’s original outing, but this is still a fine upgrade for those merely looking for some rotten flesh to fire at. Once again, the survival horror aspects feel at odds with the arcade-inspired gameplay, but the new social features just about justify a return to this resurrected digital download."

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Maml071686d ago ShowReplies(1)
RedSoakedSponge1686d ago

6/10?! REALLY!?!?! Some people just shouldnt review games.

Aghashie1686d ago

Ouch! 6\10? Seriously...

WeAreLegion1686d ago

That's unwarranted. It's a great game!

smashcrashbash1686d ago

There were gun play issues in Dead Nation? Where? I played through the whole game and never had a problem with the shooting not even once.

JoGam1686d ago

The only problem I had wasn't with gun play however it was with that weird error. Me and a friend was playing and we got far and then the game crashed. Once I started the game my game save was gone. Also I had problems with private matches. While waiting for my friend to join in a private room other people kept joining then leaving. LOL

ThanatosDMC1686d ago

Well if the author is retarded and looking at the wall instead of the tv... then yes, he'd blame the game.

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