Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition - As We Play I Expansive

So what’s new here? The most notable change is that everything is next-level, gorgeous PS4 HD. Huge changes to the lighting allow explosions and gunfire to brighten up the screen gloriously, making those hard to spot zombies more vulnerable to your gunfire. The laser-sight focus and short-range torchlight, coupled with re-modeled cars and even more high-quality zombies means Dead Nation now looks pretty darn fantastic.

Even the sound has been re-tuned. The music seems to have a edgier tone to it – now fully remixed and remastered in crystal, high quality – and all the sound effects give off a heightened atmosphere with glass bottles shattering, wind blowing, lightning striking, guns unloading, zombies groaning and car alarms shrieking as you run frantically to the next checkpoint.

All that said, the frame rate does surprisingly drop whenever you try to move away from an area too quickly, and often when you try to barge your way out. The PS4 version handles the onslaught of zombies well, but the port does suffer just slightly if too much is happening at once.

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JoGam1716d ago

A little frame drops. As long as its not ruining the experience I'm good. Can't wait for the store update.

BX811715d ago

Idk, it feels like I've been there and done that on the ps3. It's a let down for me.

lonelyplayer1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Yeah i don't see any graphics update at least. I'm still enjoying it though

BX811714d ago

I agree it's still a solid game and would recommend it to those who haven't played it yet.

GhettoBlasStarr1715d ago

I like it. I'm having fun, I like how good it looks. It's pretty much the same game on PS3, it was a good game then but now in HD

Pathogenic1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Yah it sure is a fun game when its working but yet you cant play coop with your buddies because you get this "Network Error" every single time on level 2 beginning stage.

This is frustrating and dont tell me PS3 was perfect when the netcode was halfass. I thought companies learned from BF4 mistakes obviously not.

And I'm not the only one saying this as well just goto Playstation EU forums and gamefaqs forums. Playstation 4 users are having the same issues. This game is unplayable. Welcome to Dead Nation:Bf4 edition. Keep supporting this stupid trash and you will keep getting the same results.

Soldierone1715d ago

I'm kind of disappointed this is the game of the month on PS4.... It's an alright game, but once you beat it there really is no reason to go back. They really didn't add a reason with this edition either. Added flashes and what not, thats about it.

The game wasn't ever really labor intensive anyways so I don't see why this couldn't just be done on a PS3.