Mario Kart 8 Sells out of Pre-orders on Amazon

Mario Kart 8 might be the breakthrough title Nintendo and the Wii U needs. Less than a day after pre-orders opened, Mario Kart 8 is already sold out on Amazon. A message saying “sign up to be notified when this item becomes available” is currently displayed on Mario Kart 8′s pre-order page.

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OC_MurphysLaw2657d ago

Happy to see some good Nintendo sales news for a change.

BattleN2657d ago

Hot diggity dawg call KK Slider and request a song!

cleft52657d ago

Indeed, this is going to be a huge game for Nintendo and then Super Smash Brothers. So many amazing games for WiiU coming out this year, I will be getting a WiiU when there is a firm release date for X and Bayonetta 2 is out.

abzdine2657d ago

happy for these news!
can't wait for the release day the game is shaping up to be phenomenal.

malokevi2657d ago

Hoping this really spurs WiiU sales. Some great games coming this year. If Smash Bros drops, I will get one during the holiday season. For now, having fun playing couch co-op on my buddies console. He loves the console.

o-Sunny-o2657d ago

Ah Mario Kart 8. So much fun and countless hours with Mario Kart 64.
Who disagrees to couch karting fun...? I will be on it day 1! ^~^

UltimateMaster2657d ago

No, they have a solid line up this year.
Hopefully they show us more must-have games.

Shnazzyone2657d ago

Seriously, since the wii... don't count out a nintendo system until the mario Kart is released.

It was the turning point of 3ds. Just sayin'.

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DryBoneKoopa852657d ago

I can't wait for Mario Kart 8! I picked up Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed just to scratch the itch until MK:8 drops!

Glad to hear its selling out. Means there is a high demand and a big possibility for a ton of Wii U's to start flying off the shelves. I wish Nintendo luck!

BattleN2657d ago

I was worried the next mario kart wouldn't be so great, but I must say my it exceeded my expectations!

stragomccloud2657d ago

I did exactly the same. Sonic until Mario~

TheCagyDies2657d ago

wait, I didn't even preorder yet, NOOOOOO

Neonridr2657d ago

There is always Gamestop, Best Buy, etc..

iplay1up22657d ago

You can pre-order at Gamestop still.

TheCagyDies2657d ago

NOOOOOOOOOO, well Best Buy is still tight so I'll go there

Chrischi19882657d ago

You can also get it Digitally, but I wont^^ Or maybe... no, bet the servers will go on strike during the first day^^

SliceOfTruth8882657d ago

I can't wait for this game but I love the fact if there is any company out there who hasn't listened to their customers for the past 10 years and have tried to force people to like things its Nintendo and people are still rooting for them.n if this was about titanfall selling out on amazon people would say Microsoft paid amazon to do that so it would look in demand

curtis922657d ago

Nintendo's not forcing anyone to like their stuff. Although nintendo fans run off pure nostalgia so anything Nintendo does they'll accept openly and void of question.

wonderfulmonkeyman2657d ago

That's BS; I'm a self-admitted fan of Nintendo's games, and you'll never see me saying that they didn't drop the ball as far as the Wii U's advertisement campaign is concerned.
Nor, for that matter, do I think you'll see any sane Nintendo fan disagreeing with me on that point.
No amount of Nostalgia can blind a fan to a fuck-up like that.

lilbroRx2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

That is 100% false.

Nintendo fans run on the best game, and Nintendo always delivers that.

KonsoruMasuta2657d ago

Nintendo didn't try to force an always online console with outrageous anti-consumer policies on people.

There! That's a slice of truth for you. Microsoft is worse and that's why people say those things about them.

fonger082657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Given what happened yesterday with Sony and the Killzone hilarious debacle... I think its fair to say that all 3 companies have had their fair share of "foot-in-mouth" moments.

SliceOfTruth8882657d ago

Typical ignorant response. If you actually read what microsofts plan was it was not an always online machine. You needed to do a check in with a file in kilobytes that told the servers which games you still owned so your account could still share the games you actually owned. The file was so small the slowest 1995 aol connection would have did the job in seconds and you were going to be able to do the check through smartglass on your phone never needing to put internet on your Xbox. Its quite sad nobody paid attention.

KonsoruMasuta2657d ago


Microsoft shouldn't have tried to make us check in at all, I don't care if you could do it through your phone. I don't want to be bothered with that every 24 hours. It was a dumb idea and they realized it. That's why they changed it.

Face it, Microsoft is the worse when it comes to these types of things.

Venox20082657d ago

i agree and another thing when microsoft gave people money to say good things about xbox one on youtube :) after xbox 360 i will never own any xbox brand products

Ck1x2657d ago

The difference is it wouldn't be Nintendo fans saying that, it would be Sony... MK8 is the game that many Nintendo fans have been waiting on the sideline for. Titanfall makes me want and is my reasoning for picking up a XbOne soon. But the people that are mad because Microsoft can throw money around, is probably upset because their company of choice can't do the same.

Chrischi19882657d ago

You can do business by making stuff people want, or by creating new needs and then basically feeding them with it. That is what Apple did with the first real smartphone and look where the tech is now. That would never have happened, if they Apple wouldve listened to the already existing needs of people ;)

Nintendo basically tries to be the Apple of the console business. Create new stuff, risk something and use not the most powerful tech, but in a way, so that it works good.

Ck1x2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

The only thing that Nintendo is missing is the marketing hype and great OS of Apple behind their products. Isn't that what sells most Apple products for the most part, the "technology gimmicks" such as finger print scanner, retina display, and 64bit processing. I'm not knocking Apple, because I think it was ingenious how they reinvented themselves. But I just think Nintendo needs to go all the way when they make their next home console or handheld devices. It helps when you can tout something over your competitors, even if it's something simple it helps to give your product it's own identity. As much as people may hate the Glasses free 3d on the 3DS, it's what people know the system for and wanted to try out the most about it...

Shnazzyone2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Wow... someone's butthurt by good nintendo news.

There's your "sliceoftruth" right there.

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2657d ago
Shnazzyone2657d ago

Expect a bundle. If they did a windwaker bundle... you can bet there's gonna be a MK8 bundle.