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mafiahajeri1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Oh snapppppp !!! Yes!!!

love how they have the batmobile there, to make everyone happy. I mean everyone nagged about it.

Love that it's only current gen, way to support current consoles and not create half assed last gen ports. I hated when devs said they wouldn't make current gen games because there's still not enough of a market, off course there isn't if you don't support it!!

Explosive finale sounds great I wouldn't like it if they milked it, every great franchise should have an "explosive" finale! Until they make a justice league game xD

Respect rocksteady.

GarrusVakarian1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Next gen and PC only, yessssss, no cross gen limitations.

We will be able to drive the Batmobile around the city, AWESOME!

Rocksteady, drivable Batmobile, next gen and PC only, Scarecrow presumably the main villain......i have a great feeling about this one.

I am also LOVING the fact that this Batmobile looks more like the oldschool Batmobile and not the newer tank-like one.

This is the Batman game we have been waiting for.....HYPE!

guitarded771694d ago

I really thought we'd hear about an Arkham Origins for PS4/XBOXOne before this. At least we're getting a Batman game for Rocksteady again.

PLASTICA-MAN1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Finallly! I hope they ditch the old UE3 and use UE4 this time and try to reach the quality of Arkham City intro (which they promised they could achieve it next-gen) or the UE4 Infiltrator demo.


Ohhh man, you have no idea how much im excited, this an absolute day one! Rocksteady + Next Gen + drivable Batmobile = The best Batman video Game!

lsujester1694d ago

I'm still wondering why it's called Arkham if you can drive the entirety of Gotham. I understand the branding, but I doubt anyone will think this isn't the next in the series.

To me, Batman: Gotham Knight makes more sense.
Or even, Batman: Gotham Nights has a cooler, suave feel to it.

gaffyh1693d ago

So glad it's next gen only.

joab7771693d ago

Isujester...its branding.

UltimateMaster1693d ago

Hopefully, it's not as bad and doesn't have the glitches that AO had last year.
It's made by Rocksteady, so that's a good thing.

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vishmarx1694d ago

another batman g....oh wait drivable batmobile....aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

hulk_bash19871694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Rocksteady hasn't let us down yet. This is gonna be awesome.

MightyNoX1694d ago

Only Rocksteady can save us from the Mediorcity that was Arkahm Origins. Welcome back, Rocksteady.

hulk_bash19871694d ago

Agreed, the Arkham Franchise is back where it belongs.

Vandamme211694d ago

I'm definetly getting a ps4 now..I love asylum, city, and I can't wait for this one.

vivid831694d ago

to be fair rocksteady didn't make arkham origins

borgome1693d ago

You could also get it for the xboner.

Bruce_Wayne1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Let's make it impossible for them to add co-op or competitive multiplayer.

Hype level is atrocious. I'll be done justice.

AstroCyborg1694d ago

yeah the online was soooo well recieved in origins

sweetSWAGGER1694d ago

Rocksteady could do multiplayer justice if they really wanted to. Ever since the second game introduced multiple characters to play as in the challenge mode, I've been pushing for a 2-player co-op option that let's us fight legions of bad guys together for the highest score.

I think the challenge mode is where that would have to remain, though, as it would only complicate the campaign. Honestly, it's not a "complete" Batman experience if my friends and I can't Batman-and-Robin it up in the challenge mode. Origins came close, but it took a competitive, team deathmatch approach which I didn't like at all. It just felt like a desperate attempt to force in shooter-based multiplayer.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1694d ago

It better be good. The last one was extremely disappointing. Now that it's back in Rocksteady's hand though it should be better.

beebap1693d ago

I see few people hating on origins but dont know why it was really good and anyone that give it a miss should give it a chance.

gillri1694d ago

I think we all knew it would be next gen only, which is why Warner Bros got Arkham origins out to eek out some revenue from that huge userinstalled base

tiremfej1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Rocksteady was working on this for a few years then...should be a very good game. I did not try Origins due to the bad press. City and Asylum were excellent games though.

adorie1694d ago

This is the best gaming news of the morning.

TheTwelve1694d ago

I love that it's only for next gen consoles.

asmith23061693d ago

Arkham City didn't have a thing on Arkham Asylum. Let's hope this delivers.

KevinCubes1693d ago

You people still support this franchise when the devs and publishers are more concerned with dlc than game breaking bugs/glitches.
*rolls eyes* -__- c'mon

SoulSercher6201693d ago

WB Games Montreal =/= Rocksteady

blackpanther251693d ago

Am I the only that thinks Bruce Wayne in this trailer looks a lot like Ben Afflack

imt5581693d ago

NO multiplayer!!!!


Probably inspiration from Ready @ Dawn.:)

Maml071693d ago

best game ever comes from tv shows and movies

eXclurel1693d ago


-possible Spoiler-
The article said there was a new villain that called himself the "Arkham Knight". That's probably why.
-possible Spoiler-

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AaronPS1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

The entirety of Gotham city? Oh yeah

SteamPowered1694d ago

Odd they didn't call it Gotham Knight. Must be because of a comic tie in.

OrangePowerz1694d ago

Good its only PC and next gen.

Plagasx1694d ago

You mean Current gen? :D

SilentNegotiator1694d ago

I say it's acceptable to call it "next-gen" for the first year, when the last gen systems are still fairly active.

Half-Mafia1693d ago

I'm going to keep calling it Next-Gen until we dont have Cross-Gen games.

SilentNegotiator1693d ago


EA's sports titles will have you calling the 8th gen "next-gen" until the 9th gen :P