Retro and Next Level Working on Secret Projects

Retro Games is heralded as the “Naughty Dog of Nintendo,” but if Nintendo were smart, they’d utilize their smaller western developers more efficiently to get the products most western fans are clamoring for.

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DryBoneKoopa852759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

We all know Retro is doing another Metroid. What we don't know is what type of Metroid game it will be. 2D? FPS? 3rd person over the shoulder? I personally would like a new 2D Metroid but that's just my opinion. Anything Metroid I will take though!

As for next level games. I would guess its F-Zero. Seeing the pattern that is forming with them by bring back classics and giving them a fresh coat of paint. I would love to see these get shown off at this years E3.

I also STRONGLY feel that Platinum Games is making a new Star Fox as well. Kamiya has gone very quit as of late about wanting to tackle that dormant franchise.

In the end who knows really. E3 is real soon and I'm sure Nintendo has a full hand to play. Already know Zelda U will be shown. That's the cake now I can't wait to taste the Icing!

REDBEARD2759d ago

''We all know Retro is doing another Metroid.''

Please give me a source, because everybody said the same thing before DKC Tropical Freeze was announced.

At this point, it could be anything: DK, Metroid, Star Fox, New IP, etc.

Just don't get your hopes up, please. I don't want see whiny children complain like the E3 incident last year.

DryBoneKoopa852759d ago

WHOA! I was completely content with what Nintendo showed at E3 last year.

Like the article states. Nintendo, Reggie, and Retro have ALL been hinting at Retro doing another Metroid game. Just saying the cards are starting to fall into place.

Its all pure speculation at this point. Not stating anything as a FACT!

REDBEARD2759d ago


I wasn't implying you were apart of the 'whiny fanbase who wanted metroid' and I am sorry if I made it seem that way.

However, you did say in your first statement ''we all know Retro is making a new Metroid game.'' You were stating it as a fact. I would love to see another Metroid from them, but lets try not to jump the gun.

C_Ali882758d ago

They've been alluding to it, the creative director recently said in an interview if you ask for it you may just get it, or something along those lines. It obviously takes years for full game developement meaning it is likely in developement and because he can't directly confirm he says "keep asking"...

Geekman2759d ago

I'm working on a time machine that will take me to E3.

mrbojingles2759d ago

Retro isn't working on a secret game. They've very clearly stated they aren't working on DK or Metroid now.Obviously every game in development is "secret" until revealed. Kinda of an illogical statement to drum up hits.

TheVideoGamHer2759d ago

Obviously it's secret if they won't say what it is they're working on lol.

Exodecai2759d ago

I want Next Level games to work on a Wario Land game

TheVideoGamHer2759d ago

I actually think that could work out lol. I'm still crossing my fingers for StarTropics. I'm sure that won't ever happen though lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.