Games Under Pressure Review: Thief (Xbox One, PS4)

Thief is not deserving of your hard-earned money or valuable time. It's a game based on ideas more than a decade old and lacks polish and care. Thief is boring, irrelevant, and better left in the past.

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Lamigol102180d ago

Well I earned my money .. bought Thief and am really enjoying it.
So for me, it is value for money. I rate the game considerably higher than a 6 .. that is my opinion. Thats the great thing about games .. there's something for everyone.

starchild2180d ago

Yeah, it's just like music or any other form of art or entertainment, not everybody is going to like the same thing.

I personally am really enjoying Thief a lot. The stealth mechanics are excellent and the game runs and looks fantastic on my PC. I'd personally give it something like an 8.9.