Freedom Wars Has Been In Development For Three Years

Freedom Wars is an upcoming cooperative multiplayer hunting PlayStation Vita title, which was announced last year. Key developers recently opened blogs for the game, where they plan on reaching out to fans. In producer Junichi Yoshizawa’s blog, he reveals that the game has been in the works for quite a while.

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GdaTyler2188d ago

After following it a lot I'm impressed. Hope it makes a great opening for all the hard work put into it.

SamPao2188d ago

true that.
I really hope this one turns out great and it will be the definitive Co-Op game for the Vita

gunboss2012187d ago

I'm guessing they are taking their time to announce for west, after all english captions are seen on the showcase for Taipei Game Show..

kopicha2187d ago

it will go to NA. just dont know when. No date for NA was mentioned as what I only know is JP and Asia will release simultaneously. The way the game set up is you will fight on behalf of your country in which within the game which will be represented by a faction. A pretty cool idea that I dont remember it has been done before

NovusTerminus2188d ago

I really want this game! it just looks so cool.

TomahawkX2188d ago

This game will dethrone monster hunter, mark my words!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

that a bold statement
Didn't people said the same for Soul Sacrifice.

It wont but it will probably be more interesting while playing. I will get it when comes.

dragonyght2187d ago

lol monster hunter didn't become what it is today with a single game. its when it become a series around the 3rd and 4th game. that what Soul Sacrifice creator aim for. i suggest you check out soul SS delta you will see that they are in the right path

Sly-Lupin2188d ago

Not exactly a difficult task.

IMHO, Demons Souls did that years ago.

Blastoise2188d ago

Definitely gonna buy this when it comes west. I love the look of the hookshot thing, I wanna zip around.

Plus 8 player Co-op and PVP elements confirmed :)

memots2188d ago

3years later and still nobody's care...

J/k ... Seriously this is the first time I hear about it.