New Batman game to be Batman: Arkham Knight?

A new site has launched (but yet restricted) and there are some interesting tweets. It seems GameInformer might reveal a new Batman: Arkham game with its new cover.

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tapmybuttons2181d ago

Would it thought it would be called Batman: Gotham City since thats where the game has been leading to.

SteamPowered2181d ago

The fans deserve an Open-World Batman.

Outside_ofthe_Box2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I cosign that. I want an open-world Gotham City with filled with civilians and the bat vehicles.

Edit: @ TopDudeMan

You don't have to worry about that as Rocksteady has already shown that they can tell a compelling story in an open-world game with Arkham City. Also Red Dead redemption is another open world game that has a huge world with a great story as well. Also great stoy driven games like Metal Gear and the Witcher are going the open world route with world that are as probably going to be among the biggest ever seen on consoles and doubt they'll fall behind on the story side.

In short, I have faith that Rocksteady will deliver on the story side as they have proven that they can do so already. It's not even a worry for me.

TopDudeMan2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

They'd have to be really careful with that. The more open the world, the less focus is given to the game's story. And that's what those games are all about. It also needs to take place over a short period of in-game time.

SteamPowered2181d ago

The Batman lexicon is deep enough that I think that open world is a reason for More story, and side characters as well. Check out Crime Alley and get a flashback or mission. Visit the Batsignal for random mission events. Open world has the opportunity for more, as well as the pitfalls of less.

Maninja2181d ago

I was hoping for Gotham Asylum, but Arkham Knight is cool too

goldwyncq2181d ago

I dunno...I don't think a GTA-like Batman game would be the best option to be honest.

Iltapalanyymi2181d ago

>inb4 Joker returns
>as the main villain
>who was mastermind behind everything

Crossbones2181d ago

Joker is not the main villain. Hush is. You should go back and play hush and azrael side missions in Arkham City

SteamPowered2181d ago

I hope they dont adopt the Tim Sale art direction for Hush. A little to abstract for my liking.

goldwyncq2181d ago

Spoiler: Hush is actually the real Joker.

Batnut002181d ago

This was the rumored title awhile back so it wouldn't be a surprise.

king_george2181d ago

Yeah i read that and was like "thats a pretty badass name" lol

Alexious2181d ago

Yeah, it seems like a nod to the Dark Knight trilogy.

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The story is too old to be commented.