Murdered: Soul Suspect Preview [GameRevolution]

"Being set in Salem, Massachusetts, it has a long history of the supernatural to draw upon, which helps set the rules. As a ghost, Ronan can pass through any obstacle, except those buildings that are consecrated (which happens to be every building in Salem), meaning he must either wait for the living to open a door or sneak in or out of windows."

~ Blake Peterson, GameRevolution

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dbjj120882187d ago

This game looks interesting, but also I'm worried I'd never figure it out.

ftwrthtx2187d ago

Sounds like a tough challenge

Ozmoses2187d ago

seen a lot of info on this game.. It is shaping up to be straight trash...

the concept is cool, I love these suspense/thriller ideas... but, Square Enix is dropping the ball on this one.