Why PS4 is set up to keep winning the console wars

Both the PlaySation 4 and the Xbox One have been hits but now we have enough data to declare a clear winner in the early rounds: It’s the PlayStation 4

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Gozer2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

The only advantage I see that the ps4 has is price. The X1 offers more than the ps4 as far as functionality goes. Time will tell if price is enough.

Apparently someone was hurt by the list of extra features I made that the X1 has and got the mods to label it as spam. Ive been warned not to use the list again or face a ban. But its a long list. Try a little research and you will find those features.

Mikelarry2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Functionality??? Please list these functionalities, also most of the so called functinality are only workin in the US and everyone else is waiting on

TomShoe2176d ago



So, the 1st party studios, the greater processing power, the 1080p, the anti-DRM policy, the deals on Playstation Plus, the future of PSNow, and the track record of supporting consoles late into their life spans aren't counted as advantages? Yeah, ok...

Gozer2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

The ps4 and X1 are comparable in power. The whole "PS4 is way more powerful than the X1" rumor s an internet myth. http://www.escapistmagazine...
X1 also does 1080p, they fixed the drm policy, and fired the guy who was behind it.We get deals with Live aswell.

You need to get with the times. Both sony and MS both want to own the living room. MS brings to the living room the most easy to use device to control the living room as well other devices you have in your house like a tablet, or cellphone. The ps4 is lacking compared to the X1 in this perspective. Its truly an experience to have all these things controlled by one device. Then you add in the voice control and you really see the beauty of the X1. The X1 caught me by surprise with its technology. I didn't know what I was getting at launch,, now I cant imagine not having one.

QuickdrawMcgraw2176d ago

Gozer.."The Xbox1 caught me by surprise with its tech...I didn't know what I was getting at launch"...You are kidding right..You bought it blind?...You do no research on your purchases?...

vigilante_man2176d ago

I was going to say, "Don't bite!" but too late.

"After all, Microsoft would much rather be in the position it’s in right now than the position Nintendo is in with the Wii U."

WiiU is in second place in sales and XB1 will do well to catch them up this year...

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xHeavYx2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

I say it all the time. I can already do everything that the One can do with stuff I have at home. TV stuff? My thumb and remote controller can take care of it, and yes, you may say Kinect does it faster, but a lot of people say the opposite. Skype? I can use it for free on my VITA and PC. Games? Sony doesn't need to buy exclusives, they have consistently come up with GOTY contenders from their 1st party studios.
There is a reason why sale figures show the PS4 outselling the One over 4-1 worldwide

LexHazard792176d ago

Same goes for PS4 tho everything it offers can be done on other devices. Sony has games and so does MS. It just comes down to preference really. And its obvious people prefer PS4 more!

T22176d ago

Why do people continue to use voice control as though it's a new tech or even a feature ps4 doesn't have, because it does. My cell can do anything with voice control it's still boring and frankly embarrassing to use.
Logitech harmony remote spits on voice control and any "functionality "

zeuanimals2176d ago


True, everything the PS4 can do, others can too, but atleast they're not locked behind a paywall. A non-gamer asked me if I would recommend an Xbox One since they want to use it for Blu-ray, Netflix, TV, DLNA media player, and Skype. I told them sure, if they want to pay for Live.

That person decided to go with a PS3 instead.

BullyMangler2176d ago

ps4 selling well, aaand ??

haha sales dont deem a winner . lol wiiU STILL on top of ps4 like missionary position. and with less sales .

Better looking more inventive more challenging more immersive more next Gen quality exclusives on a wiiU < fact
ps4 just Resogun < lol . .

nintendo is in the lead by a TON over ps4 < fact , because sales dont determine a consoles glory, the exclusive games do < fact . . .

nintendo is STILL dominating. better get used to it. .

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2176d ago

all those disagrees.

I guess all those claims about ps3 winning last gen was just wrong too sony fanboys if you disagree with this

adventureghost1242176d ago

*Facewall* I call upon you Doritos Pope to show this peasant his wronging in the name of the great Doradito

C-H-E-F2176d ago

Actually ps4 just passed wii-u in sales... some people don't read much.

BitbyDeath2176d ago


You have got to be kidding?
Sales wise Wii won last gen.
PS3 came second.


No_Limit2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

XB1 also just passed Atari in total sales too. :-)

It is early guys but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter as long as all the systems are selling good.

-EvoAnubis-2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

@No_Limit: C-H-E-F said the PS4 passed the Wii U in sales (which it did), not the original Wii. You even properly quoted him, which makes your misunderstanding of what he said all the more baffling.

Edit: Nice stealth edit, No_Limit. Guess you noticed that you screwed the pooch.

MysticStrummer2176d ago

You might want to look up what "<" means.

Also, if exclusive games determine how good a console is (I agree with that, by the way) then in my gaming world Nintendo's consoles have been worthless since about 1990.

DrRobotnik2176d ago

Lol wut! I loved my Sega Genesis. But I never lied to myself saying it was graphically better than super Nintendo. I just enjoyed the games.

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Eonjay2176d ago

Wouldn't you agree though that people looking for a gaming machine will find that every game feature that the Xbox One has, the PS4 also has? It depends on what people want from their machine. By the same token, I have a PS4, but I do need a machine that does more (in terms of productivity). For me the answer is a PC. I must say, I feel inundated with so much media.

You are also right that price is an advantage. I think in game stores, people only care about gaming features though. I saw a lady poke her head in the gamespot today to looking at the systems. (I think she was shopping for someone else). But it was obvious that she was more interested in the PS4 merely because of the price.

PaleMoonDeath2176d ago

1. Power advantage
2. developer preference
3. biggest first party teams in the world
4. track record of bar raising exclusive games
5. Indie friendly
6. Superior console design
7. Designed for video-games
8. Third party titles superior on PS4
9. Oh, yeah and it's cheaper

Sorry man, I'm no Sony salesman, but you're pretty daft to even have the cheek to say what you did. PS4 is where it's at, jump now or suffer for the next 5/7 years.

MysticStrummer2176d ago

"The X1 offers more than the ps4 as far as functionality goes."

A) Are they functions most gamers want?


B) Are they functions most people can't already perform with other devices?


C) Are any of those functions tied to a camera most people didn't want last generation and don't want to be forced into buying this generation?

(A:No B:No C:Yes)

zeuanimals2176d ago

D) Are those features locked behind a paywall when all other platforms can use them for free?

fermcr2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

My simple view:

The WiiU probably already lost... With 3rd party abandoning it and only Nintendo exclusives to support it, it doesn't stand a chance. Likely come in 3rd place in sales this gen.

X1: if Microsoft continue insisting in bundling Kinect, then I don't see them catching up with the PS4. The rumoured X1 without a blu-ray drive at the same price as the PS4, is a horrible idea. If they release a Kinectless X1 cheaper then the PS4, get really "big" exclusives and improve their offerings on XBLA Gold, they might stand a chance... only Halo, Forza and Gears are not enough.

The PS4, at this moment is in front of the race and don't think other consoles are going to come close. It's the favourite to win this gen console "war" by a large margin.

Veneno2175d ago

I think the race between Wii U and Xbone will be a close one.

Pogmathoin2176d ago

Gozer, all I ever see here is a list about how great PS4 is. Are you suggesting Mods are showing favouritism? Twiggy has a nice list posted too, nothing wrong with it.

XabiDaChosenOne2176d ago

"The ps4 and X1 are comparable in power. The whole "PS4 is way more powerful than the X1" rumor s an internet myth."
Give it a rest already! Why can't you just accept reality?

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PSNintyGamer2176d ago

Can someone please explain to me the concept of "winning"? Does it mean most consoles sold, or perhaps the most fun each individual gamer had?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

according to most people it sales when sony on top but games when they are not.

to me it whatever system I enjoyed the most

BlackTar1872176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Was this based on what exactly? PS4 has led this entire new gen.

Xbox 360 set the sales bar for last gen. You couldn't go 10 feet without running into 10 articels 5 being Xbox sales are better then everyone and 5 Articles about how grass in Mafia was just a bit greener XBOX WINS AGAIN AND AGAIN SUPERIOR SUPERIOR SUPERIOR.

Are you saying the rules changed when all those facts were no longer relevant to an M$ product?

Also you don't actually make any sense becasue i was pretty sure PS won almost every month of last gen for worldwide sales.

DanManDantheMan2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Sales War*

Wii U is winning the Games War (critic ratings and whatnot) and Xbox One isn't doing too much winning.

zeuanimals2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

It's been out for a year, it had better be winning the game's war. If not, that would be really sad.

So far, it's got 4 big games coming for it this year, the X1 and PS4 have a ton, multi-plats included. More games will be announced later on this year but right now, the PS4 is winning for this year with multi-plats and 4 exclusives. The X1 has 3 semi-exclusives (can be found on other platforms) and 1 real exclusive. It's inconclusive which will be ahead in the game's department until the year is over and all of the 2014 games are shown/out.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2176d ago

you mean a fake war created by fanboys and gaming media

BlackTar1872176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

A fake war? Wow you seem to be an encourager of the war as clearly stated above in your post.

Funny how ironic this post is when laid next to your last post right above this. For the lazy here you guys go.

1st post:"you mean a fake war created by fanboys and gaming media "

2nd Post:according to most people it sales when sony on top but games when they are not.

to me it whatever system I enjoyed the most

3rd psot: all those disagrees.

I guess all those claims about ps3 winning last gen was just wrong too sony fanboys if you disagree with this

I mean come on man don't make this so easy and watch out for irony train it tends to hit people out of nowhere.

BTW when you make very clear cut downs for one system it doesn't just magically go away when you type something non flame worthy to close it all out.

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