Retro Studios: We'd be 'lucky' to work on Metroid again, fan demand could make it happen

Retro recently stated that they'd be lucky as a studio to return to the Metroid franchise and say what it would take for them to do so.

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XiSasukeUchiha2178d ago

Please Retro do this make Metroid game again.

PeaSFor2178d ago

a new Metroid game is the only justification im waiting to buy the WiiU, your call Nintendo.

Chrischi19882177d ago

We want a Metroid, Prime style, not like Other M. Make it happen, you will have success with it :D

PeaSFor2177d ago

i want a 2d metroid, i wouldnt say no to 3d but.... give me a good old Metroid style game.

-Foxtrot2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

We have been demanding this to happen for a's like the number one thing you hear when Retro comes up in the news.

SpiralTear2178d ago

Haven't people been asking for a new Retro-developed Metroid since Other M?

PygmelionHunter2178d ago

Incorrect, they have been asking for it since BEFORE Other M was even announced...

Hellforged_Savant2178d ago

Well, they certainly made a good number of successes. If the franchise is to be resuscitated they may well be the people it needs.

mrbojingles2178d ago

Personally after playing Zombi U, I think a game like Metroid Prime would be a good fit for the game pad with maps and scanning.

BattleN2178d ago

Hacking, repairing, scanning, map, puzzles, would be sweet on the gamepad!

Chrischi19882177d ago

Exactly. Metroid would be such a great fit for the Gamepad. Using different Upgrades, special rockets and what so ever. The scanning is also a very very good idea XD

Dont you think, Metroid could be the franchise, they could use for a Nintendo Style FPS Online experience? Of course it wouldnt be the same as the Game, but it would be great I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.