GTA V | Next Gen - Yes or No?

Gamer Attitude's Luke Wrightson looks at Grand Theft Auto V.

Was it was released at the right time?

Check out the article and let us know your opinions on the topic.

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WizzroSupreme2188d ago

A new-gen release would do the graphics justice at least.

erathaol2187d ago

Waiting on the PC version here

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2187d ago

thats just funny.. i guess PC isn't as Big as PC gamers make it out to be =/

AgentSmithPS42187d ago

They made me wait this long to play it so I'll wait a bit more until I find it cheap.

I'll be playing diablo 3, infamous ss, witcher 3, the crew, the division, watch dogs, etc...

showtimefolks2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

in the famous words of stone cold steve austin


but i hope for GTA online the player count is increased to atleast 32 if not 64.

Here is my question, could GTA5 be the first game to sell a billion plus on current gen and 500-1 billion on next gen consoles too? I believe with not so many games for next gen that a lot of people will re buy GTA5 meaning higher sales

so i guess its soon because if its closer to fall 2014 than less sales since a lot of new games are coming out. I say release it in may-june

dodgemoose2187d ago

500 billion? that would be impressive. ^_^

Rob Hornecker2187d ago

I couldn't agree more with you. GTA5 had its issues when released for the current gen systems and by now they have had the kinks worked out of it. With all the ps4 and xb1 sales I see no reason thatit should not come out for the next gen!

Just think of it with 32 to 64 players and the increase in graphics....just like bf4 or cod has done.

OK rockstar,are you listening???

luke_wrightson2188d ago

True that! I do always have a moment of frustration when I go to play it. Seems a bit sluggish in places.

Convas2187d ago

As long as the PC version is announced along side of the next-gen version.

luke_wrightson2187d ago

Definitely! I really loved the modding community for GTA IV!

theXtReMe12187d ago

I hope its on its way for the PS4... I never got a chance to play it last gen. If it gets the Tomb Raider treatment, it will be gaming nirvana.

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The story is too old to be commented.