The Art of Titanfall: A Max Level Review

Max Level: I’ll tell it to you straight — I’m intensely philotechnical. Show me anything art-related, and I’ll most likely swoon for hours. So when I was approached by Titan Books to review the newest of their Gaming Art books, I really couldn’t say no.

Late last week, I was excitedly dragged out of my writing cave by a series of knocks and the sight of a UPS employee hurrying away from my door. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was more exultant over — the art book I knew was sitting in the box on my front porch, or the sight of the UPS van attempting to back out of my driveway. Instead of grabbing popcorn and staying for the spectacle, I opted to open the box and pull out Titan Book’s latest, The Art of Titanfall.

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