Hori's New PS4 Controller is a Special Kind of Ugly

Hardcore Gamer: Every now and then, it is fun to take a look at the cutting edge of gaming peripherals. More fun, however, is that double take that occurs when some new piece of technology comes out that has three heads, is oozing some weird kind of fluid, and seems to be murmuring something that sounds an awful lot like begging for you to kill it to put it out of its misery. Hori's most recent PS4 controller falls squarely in the second category. While there are a lot of things wrong with it, the most obvious becomes apparent the second you take a look at it.

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ChaosKnight2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

LOL, this might have worse ergonomics than their Slime controller.

ErcsYou2188d ago

"The only theory that makes sense in my head is that Sony paid Hori to make this as ugly as possible so people that haven’t seen an Xbox controller before might be tricked into thinking they are impossible to hold with human hands."


TomShoe2187d ago

Someone kill that thing before it breeds.

Hatsune-Miku2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

The ps4 ds4 controller button setup is deemed among most gamers as the best controller setup ever so why is this controller mimicking the xbox design? Next we might see a psplus design that locks 99percent of features behind a pay wall made by some third party company for ps4.

Copy the best designs and not the worst ones

MajorLazer2187d ago

Give it a rest, it's starting to get boring now...

OT: burn it with fire!

darthv722187d ago

The real interesting part is how it sells. Currently it is only available in JP (surprising) but if it sells then those buying it are obviously getting it for specific types of games.

obviously not every game will work correctly with it. And if you have the PS4 then you obviously have the DS4 to play those games that require the touchpad and light bar (and camera).

the funniest part is all the over dramatic descriptive words to sell the idea that it is really THAT bad.

hellzsupernova2187d ago

Haha hard to beat and it is pretty useless without the touchpad right? like in Killzone. It does have programmable extra shoulders but that is only two more buttons :/

GribbleGrunger2188d ago

I want to know how you play games that use the speaker, touchpad and lightbar?

ErcsYou2188d ago

With a better controller. =)

BattleTorn2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Easy. You don't. *can't.

fenome2187d ago

Easy peasy, Dualshock4

Applejack2188d ago

That just looks hideous and completely uncomfortable to hold! Also, all those extra features such as the touch pad are gone so people would be missing out on the full experience of their games. I guess the battery life would be better but I would rather compromise it a little for everything else to be included.

Pillsbury12188d ago

Am I the only one that would like a ps4 controller that feels like a dualshock 3? In my opinion the ds3 is controller perfection.

fenome2187d ago

That's what I thought till I actually got my hands on the Dualshock 4. DS4 is amazing, it's so much more comfortable. It's weird when I go back to my PS3 to download free ps+ games or anything because the DS3 just doesn't feel the same anymore. It was always my all time favorite contoller and now the sticks feel so long and loose, it feels like a toy now, it's crazy how much they improved it.

The change of the controller was the scariest part to me when they announced the PS4 because I loved the Dualshock 3 and I was afraid they'd mess it up. Let me assure you, they improved it beyond belief. They really hit it outta the park with the Dualshock 4.

Pillsbury12187d ago

I do agree it is an amazing controller but there are some minor problems I have with it. I prefer the analog tips of the ds3 vs the concave of the ds4. I have bought grip-itz to alleviate this but I still love my ds3 more.

fenome2187d ago

Oh right on, I didn't know you've tried it. So what I said is a moot point 'cause that's your first-hand opinion. lol

Geekman2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Was there something wrong with the Dualshock 4? (It doesn't look THAT bad, though.)

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The story is too old to be commented.