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Iltapalanyymi2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Oh... what a leaky day. This is pretty impressive! i think its legit.

TreMillz2176d ago

Loved the first game, aww man this is gonna be great!

camel_toad2176d ago

After not loving Thief a Dishonored 2 reveal would make me reeeeally happy. One of my favorites of last gen.

Spinal2175d ago

I remember the day I watched Dishonored being played on Twitch. And bought it on Steam the very next minute. Couldnt stop playing the game.

Cant wait for Dishonored 2.

-Foxtrot2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

OH MY GOD....please be real :D

I think the THIEF team should take notes when this comes out...

I hope we get to play Corvo again, he is a character that would be great with character development and a voice.



I know at the end of the game the Outsider showed you (in low chaos) that Corov dies of old age with Emily being beside his grave placing her doll onto it but even still I guess there's still many stories to tell.

Hell that could of just been a "What if" outcome...who knows how things actually end up. The Outsider could just be showing you one of many timelines since he lives "outside" of reality.


By the way Tyvia is the northernmost island in the Empire of the Isles

Vegamyster2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

If they use Corvo again i hope they give him dialogue, Daud's narration in the DLC made the story more enjoyable.

-Foxtrot2176d ago

I didn't understand why they didn't....they gave him a design, used in the promotional material and trailers, why didn't they use a voice to go with it.

Hellsvacancy2175d ago

It annoys me when devs don't give voices to the the main character, it was the same for Metro (although Artyom had a voice when he narrates the story when the game is loading)

jay22176d ago

Well, maybe we'll see this at GDC then E3.

nope1112176d ago

Dishonored 2 sounds kinda stupid. They should give it a subtitle.

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The story is too old to be commented.