Wii U game releases for March 2014

GameZone: All one of them.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2181d ago

I think Pier Solar, Wooden Sensey, 1001 Spikes, and Q.U.B.E. are also releasing this month for the Wii U, so this report is inaccurate, if so.

iplay1up22181d ago

No this is NOT true. Also Big Game Hunter comes out the 25th. That is at least 4 games. Hell I don't have time to finish all the game I am playing now. I am still playing, Super Mario 3D World, WW HD, Donkey Kong Country Assassins Creed 4.

I am not into anything being released for Wii U THIS month, but I have enough to play already.

There are allot more games out for Wii U, than people who write these STUPID articles would like you to think.

Loadedklip2181d ago

One game only ouch .... well ... on the brightside it at least looks like it will be a good game.

iplay1up22181d ago

The article is false, not true. See comments above.

3-4-52181d ago

Falsely reported.

I just read a list yesterday that had a few games on it.

TripC502181d ago

im getting 1001 Spikes this month for U and Shovel knight for 3DS.

Dunban672181d ago

Like I always say- : The Wii U has BOTH types of games- Mario games and platformers

I wish I liked (also translates to: did not suck so badly at) platformers

At least we ll get a single obscure VC game on Thursday