The Lego Movie Review Xbox One l XBP

Another stop in the long running Lego series of games, can this really only after 3 months since the last Lego release still keep fans and new gamers interested?

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Waterboy1562175d ago

Too much lego, not enough gun mods :)

thorstein2175d ago

And it is titled: The Lego Movie Videogame. I thought this was a review of the movie...

KingDadXVI2175d ago

I was seriously unimpressed by the fact that my 10 year old beat this game in about 6 hours. I am normally a real fan of the Lego games. They are really good fun for the younger crowd and the parents too.

I was suspicious of this game when it came out at the same time as the movie but I was hoping that seeing how it was a Lego game their would be a fair amount of gameplay. Basically because it was Lego I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

Sadly I was wrong and it looks like Lego has fallen victim to the same money grabbing madness that has infected EA and Activision.

Good game but not worth $59.99 plus taxes. Wait until it's price drops.