IGN Live Presents Infamous: Second Son

PlayStation 4 has its share of great games right now – Resogun quickly comes to mind – but let’s be honest with each other. What PS4 players are really clamoring for is the first major exclusive coming to the console in the form of Infamous: Second Son.

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GarrusVakarian2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Great, i look forward to it IGN. I promised myself media blackout for this game, but i just can't do it. Hopefully it's some day-time footage.

xHeavYx2181d ago

I'd love to watch it, but an hour long steam seems dangerous (spoilers)

Meltic2181d ago

Agree meaby they say the new Powers. NO WAY i dont want to know it yet

ZodTheRipper2181d ago

I'll just watch the amazing GIFs on GAF :)
Even though it's tempting as hell to watch the whole thing.

Meltic2181d ago

Just hold on. Dont Watch it. Do something else instead just wait. 17-18 Days more and its urs.

GarrusVakarian2181d ago

I usually have strong willpower......but this is an open world game...with powers, im not sure i can resist. Heavy does bring up a good point though, being an hour long, it may have spoilers in it. If they spoil the powers i will be ****** off to say the least.....

If it's spoiler free, im going to watch it. If not, then i'll wait.

WeAreLegion2181d ago

Can't do it! I have to wait until it's out. There's no way I'm spoiling any of it for myself.

Meltic2181d ago

IGN may spoil so don't Watch it. Enjoy the moment for ur self in 17-18 days

WeAreLegion2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

What's going to suck is when we see multiple stories pop up on N4G about new powers and plot points. Is there a way to block a certain game's news?

serratos272181d ago

Good luck, sir. Get ready for spoiler headlines.

memots2181d ago

Or Article pointing out graphic difference from e3. .... Smh


good point. maybe I should stay away from here until then. I dont need someone spoilet ing major plot points as their account name! I really hate that.