Red Goddess, Unique Psychological Adventure Game Seeking Funding for Wii U

Yanim Studio have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their brand new game, which has a Wii U stretch goal.

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EliteGameKnight2183d ago

that game looks cool, hope it makes it to the Wii U

3-4-52183d ago

That is a nice looking game.

webeblazing2183d ago

the the game do looks beautiful art wise. looks like a fun game. i dont see it getting that far in funds tho. this looks like a great game for kids and gamers in general. kids not going to fund it no matter what. and console barely fund kickstarters we see that with a lot of great projects. this would be a good addition to the wiiU.

they need a link to the kickstarter in the article incase people dont know to click on the kickstarter logo on the video

sknygy2183d ago

Updated... thanks for that... forgot as busy drinking Black Russians! :D

CaptainN2182d ago

Funny in order for it to get on the U it has to be on PS4/Vita first as that stretch goal is the one before the U's....seems a little biased to me!!