Using the Xbox One's March Update - the hidden changes

IM PLAYIN took a look at the March Update beta a few days ago but, since then, they've found a few more changes.

"If you haven’t read it yet, a few days ago I wrote an article on the beta for the Xbox One’s March update. In all, I think that the changes are fantastic, and I can’t wait for my friends to get the actual update later this month – so that they can enjoy the shiny new changes and I can finally be in a party with them again. Since writing it, however, I’ve stumbled across a couple of other changes that aren’t overly obvious. See, I decided against reading about the update and what it entailed and chose, instead, to explore my console and find out for myself. These changes are less obvious and kind of hidden away, but they’re there nonetheless, and now they’re here."

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PONTIAC08G8GT2183d ago

Does anyone know the official release date for this patch? It's going to be before Titanfall. Probably Monday at 11:59pm lol

nicksetzer12183d ago

Well the absolute latest it can launch is march 7th (because of 3rd party deals with headset manufacterers) so let's just assume march 7th.

Francis22183d ago

The latest I heard was March 7th. I'd imagine it'll be close to that date, just because at the moment beta testers can't join parties (and sometimes games) with non-beta testers. So I'd imagine they'd want to roll out the up-date quick before people start getting restless.

AutoCad2183d ago

March 4th is the release date.

MorePowerOfGreen2183d ago

I noticed the trigger change too. I thought is was placebo effect.

Francis22183d ago

I still can't decide. I did read an article stating that they'd be patching the controller to fall in line with the reactions needed for Titanfall. Think it was here ->

RedSoakedSponge2183d ago

so..... when is twitch broadcasting coming?

gamer78042183d ago

I'd like to add that the video playback frame drops and judder have been fixed. Finally can watch netflix, hulu and xbox video in peace. Now we just need that all important full dlna implementation, Xbox Video Download option, and external hdd support for games music and movies.