Microsoft wants Xbox Live to power Android and iOS games

Game Center on iOS has always been a bit of a let down. As a bare bones social network to keep track of your friends and achievements, it does its job, but it can’t compete with the functionality of most gaming networks. That’s why Microsoft is thinking about expanding its hugely popular Xbox Live to every mobile platform under the sun.

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JustPlay42188d ago

As long as its free, I'm not paying for it, don't really like xbox live that much anyway

komp2188d ago

Sadly I worry about things like this... have a quick read:

SirBradders2188d ago

Damn I knew they did shit like that but I didn't know they have there own name for it and the intentionally done some of the the things listed.

_FantasmA_2188d ago

No. We don't need this greedy company getting their hands on something else. M$ destroys everything it touches.

WeAreLegion2188d ago

To be fair, they have a decent track record with acquisitions. The Nokia scheme is still a bit fishy though.

Whitey2k2188d ago

don't sony already do this? I think some1 is copying again

Team_Litt2188d ago

Really? Android and iOS games run on the PlayStation Network? Please read and comprehend before commenting bub.

Kivespussi2188d ago

Playstation mobile. Google it

paul-p19882188d ago

I have no problem with them doing it, as long as it doesn't become like Windows where you can't turn on a PC and be reminded that they are bloody EVERYWHERE! I don't want it pre-installed on my next phone with no way of removing it...

nukeitall2188d ago

Actually on Windows Phone every app is removable including carrier installedx ones, other than core services like Messaging or Phone book.

This would be more an integration into games for achievment, XBL infrastructure (think cloud) for online play, messaging, matchmaking and contacting other XBL friends.

Pretty neat and might just propel mobile gaming into a more serious venue.

Let's hope MS can do it instead of the half @ssed attempts of Apple and Google.

mochachino2188d ago

I much rather google and apple handle it.

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