The PS4 and Xbox One Haven’t Shown Us The Next Generation, Yet

Why Sony and Microsoft have yet to offer a compelling 'next-generation' experience on their new consoles.

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2186d ago
Mikelarry2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

it still early days so i can cut them a lil bit of slack as the developers try to understand the new systems. but we have seen destiny, the order and quantum break which shows promise of whats to come from these consoles. personally to me graphics is not what makes next gen but a part of it as well as innovating and improving the way we game, immersion and story telling to bring about an all rounded package etc

parentoftheyear2186d ago

I'm hoping Next Gen Start March 21st. Bring on Infamous!

abzdine2186d ago

next gen starts march 21st!

darthv722186d ago

As with all previous console gens, the games will continue to refine and improve over the course of their time.

It is quite impressive when you compare a launch title with one at the mid point or even towards the end and yet its the same hardware all the way through.

Moncole2186d ago

Since its using an x86 architecture the devs already know how to use it great and dont need time to learn the tricks about it and use the full power at the beggining of the gen.

PONTIAC08G8GT2186d ago

Visually I think next gen has started. Gameplay, I think that's still up to interpretation. Visually you have Ryse and KZ, even BF. Titanfall is breaking some new ground with gameplay although not 100% new (then again not many games are). I think The Division will be really ground breaking from the video's I've seen.

webeblazing2186d ago

yeah you have a point. we are not going to see huge leaps in gfx like there was from ps2/gc/xbox to ps3/xbox. the most we going to get is particle effect and textures. i never really get the "this is next gen" or "Haven’t Shown Us The Next Gen yet". when next starts when they sell you the next gen console. thats what it is to me. you buy games for the newer console that not going to be on the older one. soon the old console will be fazed out. its nothing new. you paying to be able to play newer updated games.

i hope its some new gameplay element that come, i know it is but its going to be few.

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Team_Litt2186d ago

The real next gen multiplayer experience is coming to an Xbox and PC near you very soon.

curtis922186d ago

you mean the same game that's also on 360 and virtually indistinguishable from xb1/pc?

ThePope2186d ago

No one has seen 360 footage.

XboxFun2186d ago

Oh yea, you have screenshots. Please share with the rest of us.

VENOMACR12272186d ago

Yes, I think he's talking about the game that isn't available on PS4/PS3.

Team_Litt2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Yes, that one. That's why I said Xbox, not Xbox One only.
It is next gen on PC ad X1. Ultra current gen on 360 :D

You assumed I meant resolution-wise? No my dear boy, I'm talking next gen level fun. But by all means, stick to your "pretty but dumb" games!

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Team_Litt2186d ago

I know! Isn't it exciting?! I don't had to wait for August for the Xbox One to launch here to play the most awarded and anticipated multiplayer game of E3 2013, I can play it on my 360! A taste of true next gen on current gen, how sweet is that?!
Also, note how my original comment doesn't exclude x360. I said coming to an Xbox near you...not necessarily Xbox One.

My Xbox is ready and standing by for TitanFall!

-EvoAnubis-2186d ago

How is Titanfall a "next gen multiplayer experience" when it's also on the 360? If it's possible on last gen hardware, doesn't that kinda disqualify it?

webeblazing2186d ago

im sure pc gamers have a mech game right now.

but i get what you mean, even tho i didnt see the point. tf looks fun tho

MysticStrummer2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

"The real next gen multiplayer experience is coming to an Xbox and PC near you very soon."

That means the "next gen multiplayer experience" is pretty much exactly like last gen, except with bad AI thrown in for some reason.

Dammit. I was hoping for more advancement. Much more.

To me, Destiny looks like the first true next gen game. The Division is up there too.

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AngelicIceDiamond2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Ryse and Killzone are a taste, or sample but it will get way better as the gen goes on.

skydragoonity2186d ago

lol misleading title, infamous & the order are next generation games not to talk of what naughty dog has up their sleeves

VENOMACR12272186d ago

Not trying to troll, but what is next-gen about Infamous? Graphically it's a beautiful game but so is Killzone.

Bigpappy2186d ago

I was actually thinking the same thing. What the heck is wrong with Killzone all of a sudden? Even IGN ignore it. Strange.

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The story is too old to be commented.