DICE Stockholm To Resume Work On Star Wars: Battlefront

Once they finish BF4's Naval Strike DLC DICE Stockholm will be focusing on Star Wars: Battlefront 2015 release.

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WillGuitarGuy2179d ago

Don't mess this up, Dice. I'm counting on you to help relive my childhood.

digim02179d ago

Couldn't agree more. If they're smart they'll include "classic" maps for multiplayer and other stuff to reignite the Battlefront fan base. I'm just glad they have almost two years to get it together.

iDadio2179d ago

That would be a nice nod to the fans and gives them some leeway from making all brand new maps.

As above have said, they best not ruin my fond memories.

ThatArtGuy2179d ago

I can see it now, unfortunately: Classic Map DLC.

ExPresident2179d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing all the people who absolutely raged at the BETA/release of Battlefield 3, purchased Battlefield 4 and raged again, and will turn around and buy Star Wars Battlefront from the same company who has treated the consumer like crap before.

Gonna start stocking up on popcorn.

WillGuitarGuy2179d ago

That's the thing though, if they screw up with Star Wars: Battlefront, they won't just be pissing off fans of shooters. They'll be pissing off a long line of Star Wars fans.

memots2178d ago

People love raging.

For me personally battlefield as always been a lot of fun. Starting from Bf2 , bf2142 , bfbc2 , bf3 I sunk in hundreds of hours and Bf4 is even better than bf3 ,

Yes the first few months were a little rough but I just played something else until it was resolved, those raging nerds need a life and other things to do than rage online.

DanManDantheMan2179d ago

I'll wish bankruptcy on EA and DICE if Battlefront turns into something that it's not.

Billybobjoey2179d ago

If they jank up Battlefront, they're last chance is Mirror's edge. If they screw that up, i'm done.

KnightRobby2179d ago

Star Wars Battlefront was also my childhood! I've heard a lot of people say this out on Star Wars HQ! I cannot wait for this game. 2015 is so far away. Time to meditate at the Jedi Temple. That, or hibernate inside of a Tauntaun until 2015.

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-Foxtrot2179d ago

If they turn this into like every other generic multiplayer out there with a crap load of boosters/loadout weapons/other gimmicks then I'll be so ticked off at them ruining this.

TitanUp2179d ago

hope they keep hero assault I loved that mode in battlefront 2

ExPresident2179d ago

They jacked up BF3 release and it took forever to fix it. Battlefield 4 is still jacked up, and 5 months after release they are just starting to address the netcode issues, issues that Peter Moore said didn't exist, and I have absolutely no faith in them doing this right.

Star Wars will be EA's microtransaction,booster, gimmick dream.

TekoIie2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

You know he'll just do this:

... But he wont be as rude about it ;)

NarooN2179d ago

DICE's last two chances for redemption are this game, and Mirror's Edge. If they jack these up, I'm done with them for life.

Majin-vegeta2179d ago

If DICE introduces custom load outs to SWBF.

XiSasukeUchiha2179d ago

DICE if u screw up Star wars Battlefront 3. Your going to get Susanno'o

NarooN2179d ago

Warriors Orochi 3 reference? I kicked that dude's ass with Ma Chao, Ranmaru, and Ma Dai, lmao.

Ketzicorn2179d ago

This game will get you hurt if you mess it up DICE.

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The story is too old to be commented.