Survey Shows Most Gamers Use YouTube As Their Main Source For VideoGames Information

With 64,620 surveys completed, the results draw attention to the key motivations of a gaming ‘millennial audience’ (70% of responses were from the 13-21 year old age range) that are heavily engaged with YouTube as their main source of information about videogames.

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Mr_cheese2183d ago

Depends on the information I guess. I go to youtube if I am after a visual walk through, or to look at easter eggs and other peoples antics in games like GTA, but if I am after news, I genuinely just come straight to N4G.

Maybe it is bad that I only use the one site to find my news, but it saves a hell of a lot of time for me.

guitarded772183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

You guys should check out too. They push news much faster than n4g because there isn't an approval system. The good stories get boosted, and by filtering the hottest stories you actually end up with less click bait than on n4g.

Although I do prefer the n4g comments section. There are a lot of pretentious commenters on reddit. On n4g most everyone is more level headed. There are a few douches, but not like reddit. Plus I like the trolls here better... they make me laugh.

ON TOPIC: As for YouTube being the number one source, it just seems obvious. We're talking about video gaming, and video of the games is the best way to experience without actually playing the game.

darthv722183d ago

i use the 'tube for classic game room (or at least i did) as well as metal jesus and gamster 81 and happy console gamer.

Mostly retro stuff to be honest.

k3rn3ll2183d ago

I use it for a broad array of game stuff. At work I mainly use it to listen to game news and podcasts and other stuff that doesn't require me to watch but just listen. Repairing computers can get real boring without have something to keep part of ur mind occupied. At home I use it for walkthroughs and gameplays and other stuff. For some reason at work most media streams are blocked but youtube is still alive. Thank you chinese businesses I guess lol. I work for pegatron

erathaol2183d ago

I use this site and Giantbomb mostly.

Some other Video Game sources too but they're less involved.

PoSTedUP2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

@darth, me too! for CGR (they usually just pop up in most of the retro vids i watch) and metal jesus is a cool kat. i only go for gameplay of retro or a game i might want. i get my walkthroughs the old school way by reading one online, or buying the walkthrough guide.

news i get from here or i go out of my way to google something, which, could turn out to be any site.

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ThanatosDMC2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


HowToBasic has the most informative videos about everyday life or food information.

webeblazing2183d ago

i usually go there for reviews, trailers and walk through s for the game im thinking of buying.its usually games thats on sale or games someone told me about. its a different experience playing a game but seeing it in motion do help you make a decision whether or not to buy it.

rambi802183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

i dont agree with most reviewers anymore.

So i just get a lets play video, go to the middle of the game and watch a bit to see if it looks interesting.

PoSTedUP2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

"go to the middle of the game"

i cant tell you enough of how much i hate people talking on youtube. they drag on: the game is practically still at the frigging store: they take forever to load it up: talk some more: ask you go subscribe: shoutout their affiliates, friend, mother, dog: then tell you how their day went etc.

im just like: .... >:0 bdhrdbdjxncfjdjs!!! *skips to middle of the game*. ah... *feels blood pressure slowly decrease*...

sorry, personal problem.

but yeah, thats exactly what i do, too. lol.

showtimefolks2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

because most gaming sites don't have the balls to say it how it is. Also because most sites have broken Video players and they been broken for a while


the day these so called gaming journalists gave BF4 a positive score was the day i lost all my respect/trust. Just because EA wrote big enough check no one said how broken the game really was

I for one much rather watch an independent reviewer than these so called guru's of gaming industry

k3rn3ll2183d ago

To be fair all of those sites post l videos from their site on youtube. Except for gametrailers. They only post some and in most cases days after they have been on their main site. Ign post every single video on youtube. Dozens each day. The only broken player I have encountered with ign is there mobile app which is absolutely atrocious

showtimefolks2183d ago


gametrailers use to be my favorite site, but when they updated the site it just went downwards quickly IMO

now its a cluster****

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Beetey2183d ago

I hadn't really thought about it, but I guess I rarely use anything but YouTube and wikis nowadays.

SteamPowered2183d ago

I look to Twitter for 90% of my gaming info and links. Plus you can follow who or whatever you like. Rendering fanboys pretty much irrelevant.

KonsoruMasuta2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Yeah, that's basically it for me. That wasn't always the case though, I used to watch X-play and was subscribed to GameInformer magazine, but then they both lost their touch.

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