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HelenBaby writes : "“Today I had to help the Grim Reaper clean up, as a deal for coming back to life, after Kelly Kapowski (well, it was obviously supposed to be her…) killed me when I asked her to get a DNA test (she told me she was having her baby!). So, how was your day?”

The quote above (made by myself on my Facebook wall last Friday, is a typical attempt to recall the recent events one has encountered when playing through the main story of Retro City Rampage : DX. The game moves at 1000 miles per second, showering you with a constant stream of iconic references. Luckily, for anyone like myself who grew up in the late 1980s/early 1990s, these references will be all too familiar, as they were all chosen specially so as to form something that succeeds in serving as the ultimate pop culture fusion of the 8 bit era!"

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