Fallout 4 Wishlist

No one knows when Fallout 4 is actually going to come out but we do know that it is in the works. As much as i loved the past 2 games there was still a few issues i had that i would love to see changed in the next game.

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-Foxtrot2181d ago

I agree with all of these except for co-op....I'm sick of people who want it yet don't think about the consequences and how it will actually impact the game. I'd understand if Bethesda games are flawless but they aren't, they can barely do a single player massive open world game without a crap load of bugs how do you expect they will do that if they wasted time and resources on online features.

I'm sure people think devs just flick a switch here and there and

VATS just wouldn't work aswell

davequirky2181d ago

Voice acting and the anti aliasing are defo my biggest wishes. it broke the atmosphere when every third person had the same voice and the jaggys where terrible on the ps3 version

Tru_Blu2180d ago

NO ONLINE!! FO is a single player game where you are meant to feel alone.

cfc782180d ago

still 1 of the greatest series of games to date up there with the likes of uncharted and early resident evil games for me looking forward to more info

LAWSON722180d ago

Coop needs to never happen for TES and Fallout game but knowing the demand and what people want it will happen.

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